Does "Mother Love" Play a Role in Rearing Better Dogs?

Puppies that are not frequently touched by their mother may grow up to be more easily frightened and less sociable.

For Dogs It's "Of Course I'll Obey — If You're Watching Me!"

Studies show that how well dogs obey their owner's instructions depends upon how much attention they're receiving from their owner. The same is true for kids and their parents.

Are Dogs Who Live with Smokers More Likely to Get Cancer?

A variety of cancers that appear in dogs can be traced back to living in a household which includes cigarette smokers.

Can Dogs See in Ultraviolet?

Recent research suggests that dogs may see patterns in the ultraviolet that are invisible to humans.

The Data Says "Don't Hug the Dog!"

An analysis of photographs of people affectionately hugging their dogs shows that the majority of the dogs are experiencing stress and anxiety at that moment.

How the Visual Abilities of Dogs Change With Age

New data shows that vision in dogs changes with age, with a trend toward becoming significantly more nearsighted.

A Dog's Size and Head Shape Predicts Its Behavior

New data suggests that the behavioral tendencies of dogs can be predicted by their height, weight, and whether they have long or short skulls.

In Dog Attacks Is the Problem Bad Dogs or Bad Owners?

According to an Angus Reid survey public opinion is against banning specific breeds and tends to blame owners for bad dogs.

Are Dogs Purchased From Pet Stores More Aggressive?

Puppies bought from pet shops are more likely to develop owner directed aggression than those that come from breeders.

Should Trainers Tell Dogs When Their Behavior Is Wrong?

Should trainers tell dogs when their behavior is wrong as well as rewarding them for correct behavior?

Is There Something Special About Clicker Training for Dogs?

It may surprise you to find that so-called "clicker training" is not really a training method for dogs, but it may help you when you want to teach your pet.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

New data shows that it may take longer to train an older dog; however he will learn and will remember over the long-term.

Understanding the Nature of Dog Intelligence

Just as in humans, there is a general intelligence factor in dogs. Performance in one type of cognitive skill test predicts performance in many others.

Is It Possible That a Dog Could Be Racist?

New data shows that minor actions by a dog's owner can cause it to develop negative emotions toward particular people.

Which Toys Do Dogs Prefer?

Research shows that dogs get bored quickly with their toys, so new is always better — although there are exceptions.

Why Do Dogs Turn in Circles Before Lying Down?

New data helps to explain why dogs spin around in circles before laying down — it's all about comfort.

Are Women Better Dog Trainers Than Men?

The fact that four out of five companion dog trainers are women may be partially due to the fact that dogs respond differently to men and women.

At What Age Should Puppies Be Brought to Their New Homes?

New data confirms that when a puppy is taken from its litter at too young an age problems develop when it becomes an adult.

If You Want to Reduce National Healthcare Costs Get a Dog

Pet owners make fewer visits to doctors, resulting in a massive reduction of healthcare costs when researchers do the math.

Why Do Dogs Like to Shred Tissues?

Tissues mimic the feel of fur and feathers in a dog's mouth. This provides a clue on how to make the perfect dog toy.

Do Dogs Have a Sense of Humor?

Does your dog have a sense of humor? Data shows that while some dog breeds seem to have it while some don't.

Can a Dog Learn Obedience Commands from Watching Other Dogs?

Recent research shows that giving a dog a chance to observe and another dog respond to an obedience command accelerates learning

What Do People Really Think About Dogs in the Workplace?

Pets in the workplace make the environment more comfortable, provide companionship and improve social interactions.

Dog Training Using Behavior Capture

Behavior capture is a simple and enjoyable way to train dogs and puppies to respond to basic obedience commands.

The Clothes You Wear Can Affect a Dog's Emotional State

Data shows that if your clothing has stripes vs polka-dots or plain color, it can provoke an emotional response in dogs

Are Silent Dog Whistles Useful?

There are many myths and misunderstandings about how silent dog whistles can be used to control canine behavior.

Can Living With a Dog Prevent Asthma in Kids?

A study shows that kids exposed to dogs in the first year of their life may be protected from asthma and allergies later on.

Nose to Nose Greeting With Puppies

Nose to nose touching with an adult dog may result in bites to a person's face, however this method of greeting may be a useful and safe technique to use when socializing puppies.

Do Dog Barks Signal Emotional Information to Humans?

Dog barks signal a dog's emotional state and data suggests that even without training humans can read this information.

Can Dogs Learn by Watching Television?

With the advent of Dog TV should we consider the possibility of "educational video programs" aimed directly at teaching dogs to respond to basic obedience commands?