The American Kennel Club is now 127 years old, and for most of its history it has published an annual listing of America's favorite purebred dog breeds based on their annual registration numbers. The list for 2010 has just come out.

AKC American Kennel Club breed popularity rank ranking

This year -- for the 20th year in a row -- the Labrador retriever tops the list in popularity, far outstripping the other dogs in the top 10. Remarkably, the top 10 list for popularity has been relatively stable. Compare for example the top 10 breeds of 2010 listed below, with the top 10 from five years earlier. The only major change over the five years is that the Bulldog now appears in the top 10, while the Miniature Schnauzer has dropped out of this elite group to 12th place. The other nine breeds remain the same with just a bit of jostling, moving up or down a rank

The Top 10 Breeds of 2010 are:

1. Labrador retrievers

2. German shepherds

3. Yorkshire terriers

4. Beagles

5. Golden retrievers

6. Bulldog

7. Boxers

8. Dachshunds

9. Poodles

10. Shih Tzus

The Top 10 Breeds of 2006 were:

1. Labrador retrievers

2. Yorkshire terriers

3. German shepherds

4. Golden retrievers

5. Beagles

6. Dachshunds

7. Boxers

8. Poodles

9. Shih Tzus

10. Miniature Schnauzer

It is important to note that a low ranking does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with a dog breed. For example, the American foxhound ranks second from the bottom, yet it is a remarkably social dog, and arguably one of the most beautiful sporting dogs. The Otterhound, a friendly, shaggy, clown of a dog, which may have the best sense of humor in all of dogdom, ranks sixth from the bottom.

If you want to know where your dog ranks in popularity, I have listed the entire set of 167 dog breeds.

The Complete Ranking of 2010 AKC Dog Registrations

Rank        Breed       

1.        Labrador Retrievers

2.        German Shepherd Dogs

3.        Yorkshire Terriers

4.        Beagles

5.        Golden Retrievers

6.        Bulldogs

7.        Boxers

8.        Dachshunds

9.        Poodles

10.        Shih Tzu

11.        Rottweilers

12.        Miniature Schnauzers

13.        Chihuahuas

14.        Doberman Pinschers

15.        Pomeranians

16.        German Shorthaired Pointers

17.        Great Danes

18.        Siberian Huskies

19.        Shetland Sheepdogs

20.        Boston Terriers

21.        French Bulldogs

22.        Maltese

23.        Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

24.        Pugs

25.        Cocker Spaniels

26.        Australian Shepherds

27.        Pembroke Welsh Corgis

28.        Mastiffs

29.        English Springer Spaniels

30.        Brittanys

31.        Havanese

32.        Weimaraners

33.        Leonbergers

34.        West Highland White Terriers

35.        Papillons

36.        Basset Hounds

37.        Bichons Frises

38.        Collies

39.        Bernese Mountain Dogs

40.        Miniature Pinschers

41.        Vizslas

42.        Bullmastiffs

43.        Bloodhounds

44.        Newfoundlands

45.        St. Bernards

46.        Rhodesian Ridgebacks

47.        Border Collies

48.        Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

49.        Akitas

50.        Chinese Shar-Pei

51.        Cane Corso

52.        Scottish Terriers

53.        Bull Terriers

54.        Airedale Terriers

55.        Portuguese Water Dogs

56.        Cairn Terriers

57.        Chinese Crested

58.        Alaskan Malamutes

59.        Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

60.        Whippets

61.        Pekingese

62.        Lhasa Apsos

63.        Shiba Inu

64.        Australian Cattle Dogs

65.        Chow Chows

66.        English Cocker Spaniels

67.        Italian Greyhounds

68.        Dogues de Bordeaux

69.        Dalmatians

70.        American Staffordshire Terriers

71.        Great Pyrenees

72.        Samoyeds

73.        German Wirehaired Pointers

74.        Staffordshire Bull Terriers

75.        Japanese Chin

76.        Belgian Malinois

77.        Irish Setters

78.        Silky Terriers

79.        Irish Wolfhounds

80.        Brussels Griffons

81.        Old English Sheepdogs

82.        Icelandic Sheepdogs

83.        Border Terriers

84.        Cardigan Welsh Corgis

85.        Bouviers des Flandres

86.        Afghan Hounds

87.        Keeshonden

88.        Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

89.        Basenjis

90.        Tibetan Terriers

91.        Black and Tan Coonhounds

92.        Parson Russell Terriers

93.        Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

94.        Giant Schnauzers

95.        Standard Schnauzers

96.        Borzois

97.        Wire Fox Terriers

98.        Gordon Setters

99.        Toy Fox Terriers

100.        Norwich Terriers

101.        English Setters

102.        Schipperkes

103.        Flat-Coated Retrievers

104.        Tibetan Spaniels

105.        Welsh Terriers

106.        Norwegian Elkhounds

107.        Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

108.        Belgian Tervuren

109.        Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

110.        Smooth Fox Terriers

111.        Pointers

112.        Bearded Collies

113.        Neapolitan Mastiffs

114.        American Eskimo Dogs

115.        Salukis

116.        Belgian Sheepdogs

117.        Norfolk Terriers

118.        Spinoni Italiani

119.        Bluetick Coonhounds

120.        Kerry Blue Terriers

121.        Manchester Terriers

122.        Redbone Coonhounds

123.        Australian Terriers

124.        Tibetan Mastiffs

125.        Briards

126.        English Toy Spaniels

127.        Welsh Springer Spaniels

128.        Irish Terriers

129.        Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens

130.        Miniature Bull Terriers

131.        Clumber Spaniels

132.        Field Spaniels

133.        Boykin Spaniels

134.        Plotts

135.        Black Russian Terriers

136.        Affenpinschers

137.        Lakeland Terriers

138.        German Pinschers

139.        Greyhounds

140.        Bedlington Terriers

141.        Scottish Deerhounds

142.        Swedish Vallhunds

143.        American Water Spaniels

144.        Kuvaszok

145.        Pulik

146.        Curly-Coated Retrievers

147.        Lowchen

148.        Irish Water Spaniels

149.        Polish Lowland Sheepdogs

150.        Irish Red and White Setters

151.        Ibizan Hounds

152.        Sealyham Terriers

153.        Beaucerons

154.        Komondorok

155.        Sussex Spaniels

156.        Pharaoh Hounds

157.        Glen of Imaal Terriers

158.        Finnish Spitz

159.        Norwegian Buhunds

160.        Skye Terriers

161.        Otterhounds

162.        Pyrenean Shepherds

163.        Canaan Dogs

164.        Dandie Dinmont Terriers

165.        Harriers

166.        American Foxhounds

167.        English Foxhounds

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