If You Want to Live Longer, Get a Dog

New data shows that pet ownership can increase the longevity of people with health risk issues.

Dog Owners Are Wrong About the Health Benefits of Raw Diets

Despite dog owners' beliefs that raw animal product dog foods are healthier data suggests that they are unsafe.

Do Dogs Ever Lie to or Try to Deceive People?

New data shows that dogs are capable of being deceptive around people when it is in their own self-interest.

Do Purebred and Mixed-Breed Dogs Show Behavior Differences?

Purebred and mixed-breed dogs differ in terms of their personality and the likelihood of behavior problems.

Are There Behavior Changes When Dogs Are Spayed or Neutered?

Data shows that spaying or neutering dogs may not reduce behavior problems but actually tends to increase them.

Do Nervous Dog Owners Have Nervous Dogs?

Dog owners who have more neurotic personalities tend to have dogs who are nervous and cope with stress less efficiently, a new study finds.

How Dogs Respond to an Angry Expression on a Human Face

Whether your dog looks at your face may depend upon your emotional expression

Dogs Like Variety in Music Including Reggae and Soft Rock

Although most genres of music seem to relax dogs, research shows that soft rock and reggae have the most positive effects

Do Dogs or Cats Make You Look More Attractive?

New data looks at how having a dog or a cat in a photo affects how appealing and attractive the person in the photo appears.

Why Do Large Dogs Have Shorter Life Spans Than Small Dogs?

Bigger is not better when it comes to the size of dogs. Recent data help explain why larger dogs age more quickly.

A Dog That Is Afraid of Loud Noises Is Afraid of Everything

Research indicates that dogs that are easily frightened by loud noises are much more apt to be fearful in many situations, show separation anxiety, and even aggressive behaviors.

Can We Slow the Aging Process in Dogs?

Aging is a risk factor for many life-threatening diseases in dogs. Pilot data shows that new drug may slow the effects of aging.

How Much Wolf Is in Your Dog's Behavior?

Data shows that older dog breeds, that is those that evolved earlier from wolves, show less affection and attachment to human beings.

Does Stress Cause Premature Graying in Dogs?

New data shows that dogs suffering from anxiety and stress will show graying hairs on their face prematurely

Helen Keller and the First Akitas in the United States

Helen Keller, the deaf blind social activist, speaker, and author, is credited with bringing the first Akitas to America.

Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

The dog's tail is not simply a signal flag conveying his mood. It has some other important purposes.

Do We Interpret Dog and Human Emotions in the Same Way?

Recent data answers the question of whether the brain processes emotional expressions of humans and dogs in the same way.

Do Dogs Grieve Over the Loss of an Animal Companion?

New data shows that dogs show grief and stress when they lose a companion animal from their household.

Do Dogs Have Empathy for Other Dogs?

New data shows that a dog who hears the whines and whimpers of another dog may empathize with its stress and try to provide comfort.

What Dogs Do After Training Affects How Much They Remember

Data shows that adding a play session after training can improve a dogs memory and performance by 40%.

How to Keep a Dog From Jumping on Everyone

You can keep a dog from jumping on people by considering the dog's behavior, and how people usually respond to the behavior.

A Dog Is More Likely to Ignore Bad Advice Than a Child

Both dogs and children imitate the behaviors that they see, however dogs are less likely to imitate behaviors that are not relevant to completing a task.

Can Dogs Teach Other Dogs to Speak?

A dog can learn how to make and use specific sounds for communication simply by observing other dogs

Can a Dog Really Suffer From Depression?

One of the breakthroughs in veterinary medicine has been the recognition that dogs and humans may have similar psychological problems and can be treated the same way.

Can Confiding in Your Dog Improve Your Mental Health?

New data shows that people confide in their dog during times of adversity, but only about certain specific emotions

Just Looking at a Dog Can Make You Smile

A simple set of data demonstrates that merely seeing a dog can make people feel good.

Can a Dog's Size Predict Its Intelligence?

New data shows that very large or very small dog breeds rank lower in intelligence.

Do Dogs Prefer Food or Praise?

A new study looks at whether dogs prefer food rewards more than social interaction with their owners by monitoring what goes on inside the dogs brain.

Should You Share Your Cocktail Hour With Your Dog?

Evidence shows that sharing alcoholic beverages with your dog is a bad practice.

Dog People Are Popular While Cat People Are Single

Data based on 160,000 Facebook users shows interesting differences in lifestyle, personality and personal preferences between dog people and cat people.