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What Cows Can Teach Us About Being Human

Some surprising new information about people and cows.
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What I Learned From Charles Manson

What happened during the two hours I spent with Charles Manson.
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Laugh Your Way to Creativity

Find out how humor can boost your creativity.
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Needed: A 12-Step Program for War

Why do we keep fighting wars? Is it because we're addicted to war?
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Have You Written Your Obituary?

How writing your own obituary can bring new clarity, direction and purpose to your life. It is transforming.
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Could The Beatles Have Stayed Together With Mediation?

New thoughts about The Beatles and their breakup.
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Lincoln's Reading List for a Divided Nation

What were the key books and documents that guided Lincoln toward his unique Presidency?

Relieve Your Daily Stress with a To-don't List

Are you bogged down in a huge flood of data? Reclaim your life today by starting a to-don't list.
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Good News Is Just Around The Corner

We all get stuck. Learn a simple 3-step strategy that can dramatically transform your situation and help you get un-stuck.
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Is Your Smart Phone Stealing Your Creativity?

Some of the effects of smart phones are subtle but far-reaching. A lessening of creativity may be one. You can re-claim your creativity with Secondary Dream Time.
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Democrats, Take a Republican to Lunch (and vice Versa)

Is it possible to heal our divided society? Find out how two famous people reached across a big barrier with great success. And discover what made that success possible: humor.