Sex Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Trying to pigeonhole sex into one or two “real” explanations is fruitless and damaging.

Ferguson and Human Nature

The events at Ferguson are not rooted in human nature, but the response can be.

Dump Nature/Nurture

Pitting biology and evolution versus culture and life experience is a giant mistake.

The Real Reason Sexual Violence Is So Widespread

Are sexual coercion, harassment, even rape, biological imperatives?

Things to Know When Talking About Race and Genetics

Do genetic data prove that there are multiple biological races in humans today?

Why Normal Is a Myth

Don’t deny variability; enjoy your spot at any place on the continuum, and know that being different is in fact a normal part of being human.

Desperately Seeking Soulmate? Please, Stop Already

Being human and being happy is about being part of a community, and then about the details of individual relationships.

Genes Are Not Fortune Tellers

We all want to believe the myth of DNA: that it provides an explanation for why we are the way we are. However, it is just not true—genes are never more than just a part of the story.

Mean Girls Are Not Mean Genes

Aggression between women today doesn’t necessarily mean human females evolved to be “bitchy”

Failure Is Good

Being human means failing often

A Gene for Harsh Parenting?

Can a bad dopamine gene be a core cause for Moms being harsher parents? Not likely. There is no way the world, the human body, and parenting behavior is that simple.

The Phallus Fallacy

The phallus fallacy, the ubiquitous focus on the penis in popular media and culture, may be acting to reinforce social and gender inequities. This is a problem.

How to Not Be Racist

Breaking the cycle of racism means learning about race, and more importantly, talking about it. But this is no easy feat.

Size Matters, or Does It?

A focus on genitals does not tell us much about being human

Animals Matter

Whether as food, labor, collaborators, friends, and even family, animals help us become human.

It’s Not All Sex and Violence

Violence and sex can be important, but ignoring what we do most of the time is dangerous.

When Good Science Goes Bad

There is often a serious disconnect between what research demonstrates and what is claimed to come from that “science.”

Busting the Holiday Gender-Fest

In this season of gift giving we can navigate around myopic gender expectations, but it is not easy. Hollywood and fruit flies stand in our way.

Why Is Sex So Complicated?

Humans have a distinctive, messy, and elaborately cognitive way of having sex.

Humans Need Intercourse

Intercourse, and lots of it, is fundamental to being human...but it is getting harder to do…can we get it online?

Is Inequality Natural?

Inequality is part of modern humanity, but the ways in which it is maintained and exploited are not fixed in our culture or in our genes.

Robot and Frank: The Importance of Being Yourself Across the Lifespan

A movie helps us see that Individuality, social bonding, and a vocation are core to being a healthy person at all ages.

What Is Love?

We often think of “love” as the center of understanding romantic relationships but that is not the whole, or the most accurate, picture.

Hook-ups, Horror, and Human Evolution

The pop-culture world is a great place for good science…it can help us try to figure out why we do what we do.

Are We Moral Animals?

We are not “moral animals,” we are moral humans, and there is a difference. But commonalities and differences with other species might help us better understand why we do what we do.

Men and Women Are the Same Species!

The fact that the sexes overlap as much, if not more, than they differ should tell us something about how to ask questions about human nature.

On Marriage and Pair Bonds

Cultural concepts of “marriage” are not part of human nature, pair bonds most assuredly are.

“I Wouldn’t Have Seen It if I Hadn’t Believed It”

When thinking about human nature do our “reality goggles” get in the way of seeing reality?

Bad to the Bone: Are Humans Naturally Aggressive?

Are we "bad to the bone" aggressive primates, or is there more to it than that?

Race Is Real, but not in the way Many People Think

Busting the myth of biological race