Great story in today's (Saturday, March 2) Wall Street Journal (p. A6) with the title "Tag, He's 'It' - One More Year." Apparently, a group of 10 high school buddies from the late 1980s are engaged in a game of tag that goes live for one month (February) every year.  The last person to get tagged is "IT" for the year. Mike Konseky is IT for the next year, having been tagged by another guy as Konesky was going with his family into a school performance of "The Little Mermaid."   Tagging can place anywhere during the month - anywhere includes catching people at airports and, yes really, even at the funeral of one of the player's father. It is important to mention that the grieving player gave permission to the other guys to keep him in play during his period of mourning.  How do these guys get located to be tagged? In the article, written by Russell Adams, they are "given up" by their wives and mothers, in some cases.

So, men's friendship is alive and well and funny and clever and competitve and long-lasting and ridiculous and expensive (one guy hired a limo as a decoy) and family friendly (the guy whose father died reported his last conversation with his father was about the tag game).  All in good fun and a role model for enduring relationships between guys.

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