Why Couples Need Other Couples

Couples should consider spending Valentine's Day with another couple they both admire and respect. Seeing a spouse/partner happy in a couple's friendship can make that spouse/partner even more attractive.

Five Tips for College FIrst Year Going Home for Thanksgiving

College freshmen returning home for Thanksgiving can take steps to make this visit more comfortable for themselves and their family. Consider these five tips for an easier visit.

Father's Day for Incarcerated Dads: Staying Involved

For incarcerated fathers, having a contact visit with a child can be emotional and potentially redemptive.

Teachers and the Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Teachers play a central role in helping students heal after trauma.

Ambiguous Loss and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 presents us with another painful example of ambiguous loss.

Obama Is Typical of Men His Age When It Comes to Friendships

Obama is believed to not have many friends—but he is where many men of his age are.

College Freshmen Heading Home for Thanksgiving

Five tips for making sure your first visit home from college does not go foul

Build Friendships with Couples and Members of the Other Sex

Being friends with another couple allows you to have an opposite sex friend and strengthen your own relationship

Tips for Freshmen Guys in Making Friends Part II

How guys can make friends their freshman year - Five more suggestions

Tips for Guys Making Friends At College

Guys making friends as a new college freshman

Fathers' Days Behind Bars

Fathers need to stay involved with their children, even from prison.

Graduating MSW Students—Are They Ready For the World?

A number of my students are graduating soon. Are they prepared?

Playing Tag with men friends

A 24 year-long game of tag between guy friends! Wow!

Valentines for Couples: Friendship with another couple

On Valentine's Day, hanging out with another couple can be instructive

Fathers In Prison and the Holidays

Holidays can be difficult for fathers in prison.

The Impact of Divorce On Friendships With Couples and Individuals

When couples divorce, their friendships with other couples and individuals often shift.

The Impact of Child Abduction on Families

Etan Patz, Madeleine McCann, Phylicia Barnes, Jaycee Dugard: four children who were declared missing and whose cases have had different outcomes so far.

Two Old Buddies Sending the Same Christmas Card Back and Forth

Every so often I get an email that is important to share with other readers about how men construct friendships across the life span. This came in from Sande who gave me permission to use it. I have removed the full name of her father's friend and another buddy that is referenced. It is sweet and speaks for itself.

How Friendships Improve Partnerships

Understanding how couples spend time with coupled friends can improve a relationship.

How Can Couples Be Friends with Other Couples?

How couples make and maintain those difficult relationships with other couples

Mindy McCready: What We Know about Family Abduction

When custody agreements are not adhered to, children are put at risk. From the media (which may or may not provide the whole or the correct story), we have a picture of parental abduction by singer Mindy McCready of her five-year-old son, Zander.

Can Men's Friends Harm Their Sex Life?

Can a close relationship between a guy's friend and his wife be linked to ED?

Five Friends: A documentary on male friendship and intimacy

Five Friends Movie: A great documentary on male friendships