How Your Diet Can Save You and the Planet

Is eating a healthy diet and worrying about climate change too much to handle? Here's a doable way that makes a big difference.
Clair Brown

What Makes People Happy?

You can be happy! Buddhist economics shows how real happiness is built upon creating a meaningful life. Chasing after money and never-ending desires brings fleeting happiness.
Clair Brown

How Inequality Hurts Your Happiness

Inequality is bad for your health and happiness. We can do better!
Clair Brown

Are Our Actions Virtuous or Evil?

Buddhism says that virtuous actions lead to benefit and evil actions lead to harm. Acting together we can push our countries to reduce suffering and heal the planet!
Clair Brown

Learn to Live Without Suffering

Our lives have ups and downs, and daily activities cause us pain—but we can stop the pain with practice. Respond to pain in a mindful way that prevents needless suffering!