Two Year Tragiversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings

Three unconnected events connect us to a loss of trust, a loss of safety, and a loss of innocence.

The Primary Emotional Purposes of a Funeral or Memorial

The short and long-term value of memorial and funeral services; and the possible negatives when they are missing.

The Absence of Emotional Completion “Sabotages” Marriage

Second and third marriages: Logically, it doesn’t make sense to fail again when in theory you should know so much more the second or third time around. Of course it might make sense if love and marriage were a rationally-based undertaking. But let’s face it, the essence of marriage is emotion, not logic.

Monday Morning at Eleven—Lest We Forget

On Monday, November 11, 2013, this country will observe Veterans Day. Personally, I think it takes on exponential importance this year in light of the events that have shaped and shaken our world over the past twelve years.

Reduced to Joy?

We've been socialized to believe that normal and natural expressions of sadness are "breaking down" or "losing it." If that's true then it would follow that normal expressions of joy are also inappropriate—and that makes no sense at all.

Grief Is Not a Spectator Sport

That's our topic today—those sometimes ghoulish interviews with people who have just been shocked into numbness by the death of a loved one, and moments later find themselves talking on camera, to the world.

The Grieving Process—Is There Any Such Thing?

There are several reasons we struggle with the use of the phrase grieving process. One reason is that in talking with thousands of grievers over the years, we’ve discovered that every griever is unique, as is their individual reaction to the loss events that affect their lives. And within that, the range of emotions and behaviors provoked by their grief is almost infinite.

You Can't Outrun Your Heart

The double illusion is that if I stay busy, then more time will have passed, and therefore I will feel better. When the two false ideas are fused together—the illogic of time healing, and the emotionally counter-productive hyper-activity of keeping busy—the result can only be disillusionment and exhaustion.

Is Just Knowing the Truth Enough to Set You Free?

The idea of truth seeking is a benign one. Unfortunately, the emotional landscape is littered with people who discovered the truth, stated it, restated it, analyzed it, prayed over it, discussed it for years, and still wound up living in the confusion created by merely identifying the problem.

The Mortal Danger of Driving While Grieving

Preoccupation with grief events while driving can dangerously impair you skills, with potentially fatal consequences.

We Never Forget the Important People in Our Lives

Exploring two very important questions:“Is it ever too soon to be done with grieving?” and “Are we ever really done grieving the death of our child?”

Reaching Out for Someone Who Has Always Been There

Many grieving people think if they can just make it through the Holidays, they'll be okay. They are often surprised when the pain intensifies in January and beyond.

Newtown—Our Grief, Because We Are The Family of Humankind

Newtown! Certain events have the power to propel us into an emotional numbness, as if a hidden thermostat inside our hearts shuts us off. The pain is too much to bear.

Grief and the Holidays—Help Yourself and Others

Dealing with Grief During the Holidays. Here are ten tips, the first five of which relate primarily to the death of someone important to you. That person might have been a loved one or may have been what we call a “less than loved one,” but you will probably still be affected by their absence. The second set of tips relates either to the death of a spouse or to divorce.

Euphemisms About Grief Don’t Help Grievers

Most euphemisms and advice about grief are either totally incorrect, misleading, or both.

Just Because You’re Lonely, Doesn’t Mean You’re Ready

Feeling lonely or sexy are not reliable indicators that you're ready for a new relationship.

Are You Equipped for Happiness?

You may have heard people talk about stripping away the layers of an onion; we prefer the analogy of stripping away the leaves of an artichoke, and discovering your heart inside.

Mother’s Day! Remind Me—Remind Me Not—Remind Me

In mid-April there are two things you can count on in the United States. One is the due date for filing your tax return. The other is the arrival of the annual brochures or emails reminding you to order those special flowers so they will be shipped on time for Mother's Day.

For Many, the Most Painful Holiday

The traditional Holiday Season begins around Halloween, continues through Thanksgiving, crests with Christmas and Hanukkah, and ends with New Year's Eve. While the Season can be wonderful for many, it can be a very difficult time for those who are grieving the recent death of someone important to them.

Friday Morning at Eleven—Lest We Forget

In its day, World War One was called "The War to End All Wars." Sadly, it wasn't.