The Helping Hand of Hardcore

On May 29th, a group of hardcore punk bands will play a show at Highline Ballroom to raise money for Alexander Owens, a three-year old boy afflicted with neurofibromatosis.

Jon Mills Finds His Answers

Jon Mills was put on this earth to pursue his athletic goals and to help people do the same. But it took a long time for Mills to find his purpose...

The Unconditional Love of Chonda Pierce

On the one hand, Pierce, the “Queen of Clean,” makes a successful living from laughter. On the other hand, Pierce has lived through years of tremendous sadness and tragedy...

Alexander Owens’ Fight Against Neurofibromatosis

To promote awareness of this tragic disease and to call attention to how it affects children and their families, May has been designated National Neurofibromatosis Month.

Moby and Existentialism: It's All in the Family

For Moby, acceptance of the absurdity of life is what helps him to recognize that he may never fully understand certain ontological questions regarding the nature of our existence.

Margaret Cho Wants You to Embrace Your Darkness

There would be no contrast in your existence if the bad and dark parts didn’t exist.

Epoch Failure’s Attitude of Gratitude

When national radio DJ Casey Kasem said, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars,” Epoch Failure was listening.

Why Weirdos Win

Have you ever been called “weird,” “crazy” or “strange”? Well, fear not, fellow weirdos: There is hope.

The Secret of Steven Blush’s Success

It starts with deconstructing the definition of 'rock star.'

Why Only a Vegan Can Defeat Negan

Chris Cooney explains how a plant-based diet will help us survive a zombie apocalypse.

How Alex Woodard is Building a Culture of Empathy

Alex Woodward shows us that having empathy not only helps others, but also inspires us to grow rather than wither from tragedy.

Talib Kweli Knows Hip Hop Will Never Die

Talib Kweli shares how Hip Hop is thriving and continues to challenge stereotypes.

The Childlike Wonder of Zach Gill

Zach Gill explains how he embraces creativity in parenting.

Shawn Antoski Wants You to Fear Nothing

Shawn Antoski shares how he went from an NHL 'enforcer' to a mental health advocate.

The Relentless and Raging Resteghinis

Meet Dale & Kim Resteghini, the couple behind Raging Nation Films. From their story, we can learn how to chase down our dreams by not only working hard, but working smart.

Why Alyssa Coco’s Mind is “Like a Burning Clock”

Alyssa Coco of Roses and Revolutions shares her struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Devotional Love of Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant reflects on the transformational experience of parenthood.

Why Culture Is Medicine at the Universal Hip Hop Museum

Hip Hop’s culture is based on the idea and spiritual orientation that in spite of adversity and oppression, everyone is capable of finding a sense of purpose.

Stay Gold, Nic James. Stay Gold.

Nic James, lead singer and guitarist of Ula Ruth, discusses how he finds creativity in perspective taking.

Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa Wants You to Step Up

Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels and longtime radio host, gives a message to all: step up and get involved.

The Meaning of Life by Andrew McCarthy

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Pretty in Pink", Andrew McCarthy discusses the meaning of life and how "uncomfortable" isn't a bad thing.

Jerod McBrayer’s Stinging Truth

Jerod McBrayer shares his experience with mental illness and the reasoning behind his band's new album, which reflects a 12-Step recovery program.

Dee Edington and the Power of Positive Organizational Health

Dee Edington, known by many as "the godfather of health-risk management," shares how to make employee well-being a "win-win."

James Swanwick’s Challenge to Go From Average to Awesome

James Swanwick shares the positive benefits of being alcohol free.

How Erin Willett is Bringing Us Out of the Darkness

Erin Willett, first a contestant on "The Voice" and now part of the current cast of "The Biggest Loser", shares her personal struggle with binge eating.

Alek Sandar and the Unreality of Social Media

Alek Sandar sends a message about social media to us all: You are not your "likes."

Why Liz Miele Wants Our Attention

Liz Miele is teaching us a valuable lesson: Finding healthy ways of getting attention is one of the keys to a happy life

The Magical Consciousness of The New Tarot’s Monika Walker

Monika Walker, of New Tarot, shares how music has helped her understand and connect with various aspects of her own identity.

The Universal Truth of Clutch’s Neil Fallon

Clutch's Neil Fallon shares the value of healthy escapism.

How Dana Fuchs Found Her True Voice

Dana Fuchs, known for her roles in Love, Janis and Across the Universe, shares how she has heals herself and others through music.