How Can We Support Asperger's Students In Their Schools?

When do we stop blaming students with Asperger's and start helping them find their own way!?

Answers: Beliefs About ABA

Answering the question - What is Applied Behavior Analysis ?

Autism Is an Aspect, Acceptance Is ALL

Awareness is meaningless without action, understanding, and acceptance. Autism is a part of all our lives today and it is time for everyone to figure out what that means and how to adapt and advocate! Autism is just one aspect of a person, let's get to know the rest in personal relationships, schools, the work force, and society over all!

Quantifying Engagement in Autism Education Models

This blog post raises the question of efficacy and relevance in quantifying engagement in autism based models of education, therapy, and advocacy. It delves into our need to quantify levels of happiness, engagement, and richness of life and attention along with knowing the ABCs and 123s!

Making room for NOTHING

In a time where we feel there is always something that has to be done, consider the power also of nothingness. It has more benefit than you may have ever realized.
Catharsis; Cleaning Out Our Emotional Closet

Catharsis; Cleaning Out Our Emotional Closet

Catharsis is ours! Its time to do some soul cleaning; open the wardrobe and jump in to emotional space making!

Advocacy Over Acceptance? Beware of Overhelping!

When advocating for those you love... make sure to keep them in the spotlight.

When Did "Best" Become Such a Dangerous Word?

It's important to note the difference!

Nurturing Dignity

Current Autism debates fall short of helping the WHOLE child learn and grow. Read this post and join a new conversation about how we educate and help children and adults with Autism.

Because Intention and Belief Matters

Use every medium to create the perfect piece of art, use every person that feels right to create the perfect team for your child with Autism or other developmental differences.

Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism! Meet & Greet in the Community

Dear Autism Warriors!!! Connect and discuss cutting edge therapies—ask questions—and meet others in the community.

Sensory-Friendly Summer Fun!

No melting or meltdowns! Here, 13 tips for having a great summer with special needs kids.

No Permission Necessary...

For our students, children, and ourselves: a reminder.

Breaking Taboos, Breaking Barriers, Finding Truth

Breaking through behavior begins with self reflection, open dialogue and talking about the tough stuff! It is the only way to create a baseline for how a team can work together, how therapists can work with students, and how parents can make it through the day!