Dementia and the "Obesity Paradox"

Why are we still surprised that obesity isn't all bad?

What's Wrong with Georgia's Childhood Obesity Campaign? Everything.

Like most such efforts to combat childhood obesity, the Georgia campaign fails to take into account the connection between obesity and stress—specifically, the stress of being stigmatized over weight.

Health, Not Weight: On Shifting the Conversation

It's time to stop talking about weight and start talking about health. Really.

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The Media, Eating Disorders, and You

It's the $64,000 question: Does the media cause eating disorders? Read on for the answer.
Hope for Teens with Anorexia

Hope for Teens with Anorexia

Most eating disorders treatments are not evidence-based. Finally, there's one for teenage anorexia that is.

Going Through Hell? Keep Going

I thought my daughter might hate me forever after going through family-based treatment for anorexia. Instead, she thanked me for it.

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5 Warning Signs That Your Child May Be Developing an Eating Disorder

It's easy to miss the earliest symptoms of an eating disorder. Here are 5 warning signs for parents that their child may be affected.

She's Not That Skinny, Is She?

People were shocked when 16-year-old Krista Phelps died of anorexia. They couldn't tell she was sick just by looking at her.

Anorexia 101

As the mother of two daughters, I thought I knew all about eating disorders. But when anorexia came to our house, I realized how little I understood--and how much I needed to know to save my daughter's life.