A Lesson From Junior High Exile

The inner voice is both symptom and salve, partly indicating what you believe about yourself and partly indoctrinating you into a way of thinking, as I discovered in a middle school library long ago.

Psychologists and Torture, a Shameful Saga

Damning evidence hits the front page.

Enter the Epiphany Machine

Struggle, whether creative or emotional, can be a trapdoor to another place entirely.

Hitting the Gym, Too Much

Is exercise addiction real and harmful?

The World's Worst Mom

Parents really don't have to hover as much as they think. A Q&A with the World's Worst Mom, Lenore Skenazy.

Take a Walk on the Rewild Side

Animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., wants to start a meme that will save the animals, as well as the world.

A Primer on Life and Death, But Mostly Life

Mindy Greenstein has a lot to say about life and death, and she says it well. Her books, including The House on Crash Corner, are life-affirming and wise.

Get to Know Your Dark Side

Researchers Todd Kashdan and Robert Biswas-Diener think we should get more comfortable with our full range of emotions, both positive and negative.

Suzy Becker: Still Funny, Even After Brain Surgery

This humorist and author isn't eavesdropping on you, really.

The Right Stuff

A recent study in Intelligence and a meta-analysis in Psychological Science have stirred up fresh debate about the relationship between practice and performance.

Final Analysis: Love Through the Ages

Men and women do want the same things...but not at the same time.

Honestly Love Sick

Frances Kuffel is a recovering literary agent who has written several memoirs; her most recent book is Love Sick: A Memoir of Searching for Mr. Good Enough.

The Right Way to Be Wrong

Notes from our issue on love and lust, parenting in the age of "childolatry," cultivating math aptitude and more..

5 Questions That Can Change Your Life

Start asking yourself these key things.

Keeping Up With Appearances

More time on Facebook is associated with higher levels of disordered eating.

Don't Eschew the Future You

Could correctives to our future-focusing flaws become as widespread as are strategies to boost willpower and grit, our culture’s cognitive obsessions du jour?

Psychedelics 2.0 and the Shadow of the Sixties

A collection on Timothy Leary sheds light on the state of hallucinogen research.

The Language of Secret Keeping

There is no vocabulary for the myriad ways in which a beloved’s secret can burden the person to whom it is revealed, though the possibilities are endless and, like many attempts to capture emotional complexity, quite possibly Germanic: Geheimnisaustausch? Stockholm-secret-keeping syndrome?)

Free, Poor, and Still Undaunted

He insists that he is a refugee, and one has to admit there is something to it. He is probably the only Dane who has fled authoritarian Denmark to receive permanent residency in another country for ”humanitarian reasons."

Are Hidden Biases Costing You Money?

You probably think that you know what influences you when deciding whether to invest your savings in a low-interest checking account or a speculative Internet start-up. But recent studies suggest that when it comes to personal financial matters, we might be affected by invisible, unconscious risk biases that can be triggered by events and circumstances irrelevant to the de

The Beauty of Trade-Offs

The fact that behavior itself is an endless exercise in trade-offs is fair warning not to become overly reliant on a single strategy or way of being.

Gaming Your Way to a More Focused Brain

Is it possible to gamify the way we treat neurological disorders like ADHD?

The Truth About Sacrifice

Is our first impulse to be selfless?

Abby Bales: Battling Ulcerative Colitis on a Blog

Three years ago, Abby Bales, a personal trainer in New York City, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Considering what a taboo topic bowel diseases are to many people, most patients would have likely remained silent about their experience. But not Abby. "I have colitis. I had a colostomy bag. I have a J-pouch now. And I am a BADASS," she writes on her fitness blog.

Sex Scandals in Politics: Who Cares?

Although studies have shown that, in theory, most Americans disapprove of infidelity, they can be incredibly forgiving when it comes to politicians cheating on their wives.

Secrets of the Whistleblower

It is far easier to keep secrets of state than secrets of the heart. When the two become conflated, beware. Bradley Manning needed to air the combat footage that haunted him, such as the “Collateral Murder” Apache helicopter attack video, but equally he needed to air his emotional torment. Multiple secrets are, for most people, multiply difficult to contain.

The Hidden Costs of Resilience

Many children do surprisingly well in the face of adversity—at least superficially. But are we missing the big picture?

Enter Psychopath, Exeunt Certainty

To say that you can spot a law-abiding psychopath is almost an oxymoron (though clearly it’s never stopped me from trying). Psychopaths are by definition masters of emotional disguise.

Missed Connections

A fascinating map of the most common locations where Craigslist "Missed Connections" occur.

Writing Thoughts Down Can Help Quell the Bad, Keep the Good

We can strengthen good thoughts and weaken bad thoughts by changing what we do with our bodies.