When Heroin Comes Home

Being addicted to pain meds is like having an invader with OCD inside your brain. Guest post by Jacqueline Sheehan.

Breaking Down the Silos

What it really takes for smart collaboration. Guest post by Mish Middelmann.

Einstein, the Outcast

Guest post by David Bodanis

A Secret Worth Sharing

Guest post by Jacquelyn Middleton

Careers That Last

How to survive and thrive in the new career reality.

Even Sometimes Dads Confer Big Time Benefits on Kids

For teen girls, some time with their father is better than no time with their father at all.

Mini-Brains Promise Big Gains Against Mental Disorders

To penetrate the brain’s extraordinary complexity, scientists are creating models of specific brain systems that may further understanding of mental disorders.

What Is the Face of Truth?

In the detection of lying, verbal cues outweigh nonverbal ones, a new study shows.

From Rejection to Revenge

The pain of rejection may be a significant cause of fraud as an act of revenge, new research says.

When Stress Turns Toxic

New research shows that after three days of stress, the brain begins to shrink, manifesting quickly in loss of memory.

A New Payoff to Risky Decisions

Scientists discover how facing risky decisions makes us smarter. Guest post by Shira Polan.

We All Want to Fit In

But some people can't sandpaper themselves down to fit society’s expectations.

Cities and Years

When people ask me what impact a move will have on a child, I have a four-word answer: Depends on the child.

Diary of a Non-Wimp: A Trans Case History

Guest post by Amy Colbert.

Smart But Not Happy

Raj Raghunathan tells us why intelligence and joy don't always go together.

What Is Passion? Part 2

Guest Post by Angela Duckworth, Ph.D.

What Is Passion? Part 1

Guest Post by Angela Duckworth, Ph.D.

It Takes More Than a Village

Spreading the word about prenatal education through a worldwide movement.

The Revolution That Takes Us Partway

The problem has nothing to do with inherent limitations in technology or computational power. It has everything to do with the deeply social needs of human beings.

The Power of Small Data

How carrying around a clipboard makes us feel more important, and other odd truths about human behavior. A guest post by Martin Lindstrom

Is "Retroprognosis" a Word?

The snapshot depicted two boys years before tragedy struck; as such it was a momentary portal to an alternate reality in which the Unabomber never came into being.

Confronting Life, Logically

A conversation with Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., on logic-based therapy.

A Story of Autism

Guest Post By John Donvan and Caren Zucker

The Wisdom of Elders

It's not just a scrapheap.

What's The First Thing You Read?

In initial encounters we think in heuristics to be safe, not to be correct.

Twin Connections

The study of twins and siblings, and how environment and genes influence us.

A Generous Spirit Is Good for Business

Generosity, not greed, is the key to better leadership.

The Runaway Train in Our Heads

Part of the nature of obsession is that you cannot easily obtain sufficient distance from it: The thoughts, worries, and compulsions feel utterly overwhelming.

Collaboration, a Core of Humanity

We can and do benefit from collaboration. A guest post by Mish Middelmann

Cognitive Signatures of Creativity and Genius

Dr. Albert Rothenberg articulates cognitive processes that undergird breakthrough discoveries and the most inventive minds.