Is "Retroprognosis" a Word?

The snapshot depicted two boys years before tragedy struck; as such it was a momentary portal to an alternate reality in which the Unabomber never came into being.

Confronting Life, Logically

A conversation with Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., on logic-based therapy.

A Story of Autism

Guest Post By John Donvan and Caren Zucker

The Wisdom of Elders

It's not just a scrapheap.

What's The First Thing You Read?

In initial encounters we think in heuristics to be safe, not to be correct.

Twin Connections

The study of twins and siblings, and how environment and genes influence us.

A Generous Spirit Is Good for Business

Generosity, not greed, is the key to better leadership.

The Runaway Train in Our Heads

Part of the nature of obsession is that you cannot easily obtain sufficient distance from it: The thoughts, worries, and compulsions feel utterly overwhelming.

Collaboration, a Core of Humanity

We can and do benefit from collaboration. A guest post by Mish Middelmann

Cognitive Signatures of Creativity and Genius

Dr. Albert Rothenberg articulates cognitive processes that undergird breakthrough discoveries and the most inventive minds.

A Riddle For All Ages

When my son was old enough to understand the basic concept of infinity (but hardly its nuance), he presented me with a “trick riddle.”

A Deeper Look at the Evil Within

When ordinary people took on roles of prisoners and guards, even the researchers were shocked at what happened. With the release of a Stanford Prison Experiment movie, here's a look at the research surrounding the study people are still arguing about decades later.

The Higher You Climb, the Less You Control

How does a leader achieve his best results?

A Surprising Influence on Your Emotions

Recent research has found that group members actually become more similar in their expressions of anger and gratitude over time.

When Bipolar Disorder Moved Into the House

In this new film, a bipolar father learns to take care of his two daughters Or did they take care of him?

How Phones Are Tearing Us Apart

Research suggests that smartphones may decrease our trust in one another, lower the quality of our relationships, and degrade the quality of our conversations.

Expanding the Mental Health Workforce

A guest post by Chirlane McCray, the First Lady of New York City.

A Lesson From Junior High Exile

The inner voice is both symptom and salve, partly indicating what you believe about yourself and partly indoctrinating you into a way of thinking, as I discovered in a middle school library long ago.

Psychologists and Torture, a Shameful Saga

Damning evidence hits the front page.

Enter the Epiphany Machine

Struggle, whether creative or emotional, can be a trapdoor to another place entirely.

Hitting the Gym, Too Much

Is exercise addiction real and harmful?

The World's Worst Mom

Parents really don't have to hover as much as they think. A Q&A with the World's Worst Mom, Lenore Skenazy.

Take a Walk on the Rewild Side

Animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., wants to start a meme that will save the animals, as well as the world.

A Primer on Life and Death, But Mostly Life

Mindy Greenstein has a lot to say about life and death, and she says it well. Her books, including The House on Crash Corner, are life-affirming and wise.

Get to Know Your Dark Side

Researchers Todd Kashdan and Robert Biswas-Diener think we should get more comfortable with our full range of emotions, both positive and negative.

Suzy Becker: Still Funny, Even After Brain Surgery

This humorist and author isn't eavesdropping on you, really.

The Right Stuff

A recent study in Intelligence and a meta-analysis in Psychological Science have stirred up fresh debate about the relationship between practice and performance.

Final Analysis: Love Through the Ages

Men and women do want the same things...but not at the same time.

Honestly Love Sick

Frances Kuffel is a recovering literary agent who has written several memoirs; her most recent book is Love Sick: A Memoir of Searching for Mr. Good Enough.

The Right Way to Be Wrong

Notes from our issue on love and lust, parenting in the age of "childolatry," cultivating math aptitude and more..