Verbal Odd-One-Out Puzzles

What do odd-one-out puzzles imply psychologically? Perhaps they are mirrors of something that is fundamental to human life—the need for symmetry.

Magic Squares

Magic squares are fascinating and they provide a challenge to the brain to solve.

Celebrity Doublets

Doublet puzzles are very challenging. These celebrity puzzles add to the challenge by testing your knowledge of movie celebrities

Ten Arithmetical Conundrums

Arithmetic can be fun as these conundrums will show.

7 Puzzles to Challenge Your Critical Thinking

Critical thinking puzzles are designed to stimulate the logical areas of the rain.

A Word Puzzle That Will Get You Thinking Quick

Increase your knowledge of word construction by doing word Lego puzzles

10 Puzzles for a Maximum Brain Workout

The rebus is one of the most fascinating puzzles of all time.

Word Ladders Meet Anagrams

In a previous post, I dealt with word ladders, the puzzle genre invented by Lewis Carroll. As you might recall, you are given two words, with steps in between, as in a ladder.

Puzzle-Solving and the Power of Generalization

One of the most interesting features of the human brain is its ability to extract general principles from specific cases.

Word Squares

One of the oldest puzzle genres of history is what we now call the word square or acrostic, a square grid of seemingly random letters which, however, actually conceals words or messages.