The Wonder of Hearing

Did you hear that? Even a word as simple as "hello" requires a process of sequencing and precision as complicated as a symphony.

The Five Senses and the Nature of Perception

Information enters the brain through the doors of our senses in a complex process computers still can't match. New thinking about the nature of perception helps explain why.

4 Rules For Hanging On to What You Learn

To get better at a skill, you've got to do it. But how much and for how long? New research on perceptual learning has a few answers.

The Neurobiology of Dr. Seuss

Neuroscientists have been able to peer inside the brain and see what happens when children hear and learn language. They know now that Dr. Seuss was on to something. Repetition, rhythm and rhyme help children in crucial ways to process the speech they hear, and fine-tune the connections between auditory and language networks.

A Blind Man Sees With Technology ... and Practice

With hard work, the first patients with retinal implants are learning to see all over again. Roger Pontz can tell if his wife, Terri, is wearing black or white. Someday, he hopes to see her face.

The Importance of Connections

The exuberant new maps and diagrams of a mouse’s brain show us what brain connectivity really means and what it might look like under the surface when children read, do math or even play video games.