Robin Shoots with Sir Guy

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You evaluate others relative to your own values. And so exploring what you find fair, honest, or acceptable can help you backtrack to discover the values that sculpt your personality. Read the following story and then rank Robin, Maid Marion, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Little John from most to least moral. Then check the post Robin Hood Personality Quiz: Results.

The sheriff of Nottingham has finally caught Robin Hood and Little John! Instead of killing them immediately, he makes the mistake of all storybook villains in simply stashing them in the dungeon. Despite their track record of heroics, there the two benevolent outlaws rot--until Maid Marion shows up pleading her love for Robin and begging for his release. Sure, says the Sheriff, if Marion will sleep with him.

She does. Robin and Little John are released. But when Maid Marion tells Robin the truth of how she earned their freedom, Robin dumps her faster than a leprous leech. Little John defends her behavior and offers his lifelong devotion if she will ride away from Sherwood with him forever.

She does. The end.

What do you think? Who's most right and who's most wrong? Your answers say a lot about you.

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