A reporter from Sports Illustrated called me up recently asking why it was so hard to memorize an NFL playbook.  Talking to him made me realize that football is a great place to explore the processes of decision-making.   So I’ve pulled togethe a set of posts on decision-making in football.

  • The action on the field
  • The perceptual arms race
  • Separating strategy from the execution on the field
  • Learning the playbook and learning from tape
  • Peacemaking among primates

I’ll be posting them about once a week over the next month.

About the Author

A. David Redish, Ph.D.

A. David Redish, Ph.D. is a professor in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota.


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Brain and the Poetic Mind

Process and Normative Models

Understanding the decision-making process changes how we should make decisions.

Peacemaking Among Primates

How to be aggressive enough to win, but keep your anger in check

Learning the Playbook and Learning From Tape

Translating from playbook to action requires imagination