Process and Normative Models

Understanding the decision-making process changes how we should make decisions

Peacemaking Among Primates

Hey, it's only a game!

Learning the Playbook and Learning From Tape

How can a football player translate thousands of o's and x's from a playbook onto action on the field?

Separating Strategy From the Execution on the Field

The action on the field is too fast for strategic, deliberative decisions, so they are moved off-field.

The Perceptual Arms Race

Football is an arms race between perception and deception.

The Action on the Field

A football play is a flurry of decisions. How can they be made so fast?

The Neuroscience of Football

Football is a game of action, and thus a game of decisions. Over the next few weeks, as the new NFL season starts, I'll be exploring how our understanding of decision-making explains action in the game of football.

Post-modern Anthropomorphism

What does it mean to say someone “deliberates” over choices? What does it mean to say that a person “expresses regret”? How could we tell if these are unique human abilities? Recently published data suggest that rats express regret when they make mistakes.

We Are All Commander Data, Now

Free will depends on agency. Neuroscience implies a physical brain. We can avoid the nihilism of determinism if we look at what agency really means.

Morality and Tribalism: The Problem with Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism assumes that everyone shares your optimization function. How do we deal with tribes that have different optimization functions?

Putting the Neuro into Economics

The neuroscience of decision-making has direct implications for the reality of economics. Too much of economics is based on incorrect theories of human behavior. "Neuroeconomics" needs to be about more than using economic language to do neuroscience experiments - it needs to be about rebuilding economics from the ground up. The details matter.

A New Blog

Setting the stage. We’re going to be exploring the implications of the physical mind, the idea that the mind is a creation of the brain, particularly from the perspective of decision-making, which we will define as the process of selecting an action.