Young Men and Campus Violence

Campus violence is explored from a psychological perspective. Boys and young men who grow up in a psychological double bind about violent behavior need to be understood as well as managed.

Hector's Gesture: The Importance of the Father

Only a father can make a son.

Why Is Discussion of Boys and Men Opposed?

Discussions of boys and men in academe are being opposed and sometimes shut down.

Male Studies and Psychology

What do we know about the experience of being male? Very little.

Silencing Boys

The silence of most males is pervasive. This is nothing new, but imposing it has become a matter of policy among educators and many psychologists.

What Do Boys Want?

The emotional experiences of boys remain a hidden world to most parents and American culture. Boys are dying to talk about them in a world where boys are inaccurately characterized as the perpetrators of bad behavior.

Caring About University Men in a Time of Crisis

We must take a close look at the situation for young men on college campuses and understand their experience.

Young Men Who Commit Suicide

Why is little attention given to the four-times-higher suicide rate of young men?

Are Colleges Not Welcoming Young Men?

Why are young men attending college in fewer numbers overall in comparison to females? Have young males changed? Or are there other changes to understand?

Father's Day and the Death of the Father

Consider the importance of the father in the life of a boy.

Male-Positive Teaching at the College Level

Some recommendations on working with young men in college classrooms. The rate of attendance of males at college is now at an all-time low of 37%.

My Political Position

No ideological plaintiffs need reply.

To Boys and Young Men in School: "You're Not Welcome"

Increasing evidence suggests schools are not places where boys and young men feel welcome.

Who Are Most Men?

The "most men" often referred to here made possible everyday life modern life as we know it and are keeping things running.

Boys Who Kill Themselves

One of our priorities must be boys' well-being. Boys have been withdrawing from involvement in school and everyday life. Some have pulled out of life.

Looking Forward: Themes of the Blog "Boys to Men"

Themes of "Boys to Men" in coming weeks.

Male Studies and Feminism

Male Studies is an emerging topic area that is central to talk of boys and men. It is distinct from Men's Studies, Gender Studies and Women's Studies.

Talking About Men: The Taboos

Why do we not talk about males as males? Why do discussions about boys and men get off topic?

Most Males

An emerging area of interest for psychologists is the experience of boys and men. While much has been said about the behavior of males, little is understood of their inner world.