I believe whoever has the most energy wins. You need energy to win at your relationship, win in your career, win as a parent, win at being your highest potential self.

If you feel exhausted, depleted, worn out, frazzled…it won’t even matter how brilliant, talented, kind, funny, loving or loveable you are! After all, you’ll be too tired to be these things.

You need to have energy to be at your sparkling best.

Think about it. The most hightech of flashlights is rendered useless if the battery’s not juiced up.

Indeed, this is why people who aren’t nearly as brilliant, talented, kind, funny, loving or loveable as you are ( and YOU ARE all these things!) might be succeeding more in various aspects of their life. They are loaded up with extra energy! And they are putting all this extra energy more fully into particular aspects of their life.

For example…

People who are succeeding in some aspect of their life are succeeding because they’re giving this aspect “extra energy” in the form of “increased power of intention.” Instead of just merely thinking about their dreams with just a little bit of energy – they’re passionately believing in their dreams - and passionately doing habits moving towards their dreams. Yep. It’s not enough to just mildly want what you want. You must wildly want what you want. Nobody ever got their greatest wishes by being wishy-washy. You need to put extreme energy into your power of intention to win what you wanna win. Again, whoever has the most energy wins.

Plus, you need to have this extra energy to think positive and clear thoughts and do positive and quality-level habits on a repeated, consistent, daily, nightly, 2am-ly basis. The more days that you don’t have the energy to think positive and clear thoughts and do positive and quality-level habits, the more you fall behind instead of moving forward. In other words, if you’re constantly feeling tired and exhausted, you’re more likely to live by the philosophies of “seize the every other day” or even “seize the once a month.” Believe me, these won’t get you nearly as far as the famed “seize the day” philosophy. Again, whoever has the most energy wins.

Okay, so if putting both quality and quantity of energy into your life matters so much, how can you make sure you’re not leaking precious energy? And where can you find more empowering energy sources?


1. Focus on regrets, resentment, or anything which exerts energy fretting about the past.

2. Focus on fears, worries or anything which exerts energy being anxious about the future.

3. Spend time with people who don’t support or believe in you – or worst yet make you doubt your full power.

4. Complain, gossip, scream, hurt someone, devalue someone, lie to someone, cruelly judge someone, feel shame, feel guilt.

5. Eat or drink foods and beverages which don’t digest well with your particular physicality (i.e. dairy, carbs, wheat, gluten, sugar, alcohol – whatever your specific food or beverage kryptonite might be.)

6. Sit around, inactively, not doing anything which makes your heart and soul race with joy.

Truly – all of these things wind up lowering your energy. If you feel sick and tired of how things are in your life, chances are it’s because you’re making yourself sick and tired – by engaging in too many energy leaking things.


1. Focus on sharing love, learning lesson, finding meaning, feeling a purpose, expressing gratitude, harnessing faith, valuing kindness.

2. Focus on being fully in the present moment, living at the speed of life, fully enjoying the people and events around you.

3. Spend time with people who support you and believe in you – and inspire you to believe in your ability to pursue your dreams and grow in new, exciting ways!

4. Eat and drink foods and beverages which increase your energy – like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, appropriate protein for your body/belief system, caffeine in moderation, and lots of fresh pressed juices daily (Note: My absolute favorite fresh pressed juice by far is bequ juice- because they use a Norwalk Press - which makes sure to extract all the vital vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. I live in NYC and they deliver it fresh daily to me. But they also have inexpensive methods to ship it to places outside of NYC. Click here for more info!)

5. Speak positive words, share compliments, offer help, inspire others, express gratitude out loud, make someone feel loved, encouraged someone to be their most authentic self in your company, encourage yourself to feel confident to be your most authentic self wherever you go!

6. Do activities you’re passionate about- which make your heart and soul feel perky – including things like working out, cooking, painting, writing, yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, being in nature, being around art, or reading inspiring books.

Truly – all of these things wind up re-energizing you. So if you’re feeling low on energy – just do an energy-booster from this list!

Again, it doesn’t matter how brilliant, talented, kind, funny, loving or loveable you are! If you feel exhausted, depleted, worn out, frazzled…you won’t be able to fully bring your awesomeness into your career, your relationship, your parenting, your happiness – and all of these aspects of your life will suffer!

So stop leaking your energy! Start boosting your energy instead. Because it’s true: whoever has the most energy wins!

Karen Salmansohn is a best selling author and award winning designer -with over 1 million books sold - and founder of one of the country's top inspirational sites: notsalmon.com

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