How Forgiveness Therapy Helps Emotional Eating

If you want a successful Weight Loss Plan, start with a "Hate Loss Plan."

How Humor Can Delay Healing From Grief

Why humor can delay healing from loss, challenges and adversity
How to Heal From Toxic Relationships

How to Heal From Toxic Relationships

Warning: This is not your typical therapist advice. However, this is life-changing wake-up call advice. Click to read now if you want tools to finally break toxic ties to people!

Why Affirmations Aren't Always Effective, Here's a Solution

Often when you’re in a highly negative state, repeating peppy affirmations to improve your mood and confidence just doesn't work because they simply feel like fluffy, hyperbolic, one-size-fits-all false hype. The solution? Read on.

Communication Tools To Help Kids Talk About Their Feelings

It’s incredibly important to raise kids to feel safe to express their feelings – at the speed of life. Not just to protect our closeness as parents and children – but to ensure our children enjoy the most loving and lasting friendships and relationships throughout their lives.
A Tough Father’s Day Subject—Which Needs to Be Talked About

A Tough Father’s Day Subject—Which Needs to Be Talked About

24 million children live in biological father-absent homes—in the U.S. alone. And 1 in 3 children grow up without a father. Although a majority of these fatherless homes are lower income situations, that’s not always the case. This problem crosses the economic spectrum –with men leaving because they’re having an affair, or to seek ego-driven, empathy-lacking freedom.
What to Tell Kids After Failures and Mistakes

What to Tell Kids After Failures and Mistakes

Do you compliment your kids by saying things like: “You are gifted at being smart." "You’re a natural at ‘this’!” Although these compliments sound like good things to tell kids, they can bring about potential problems in the long run. Dr. Dweck suggests parents and teachers implement “Incremental Theory For Learning” instead.
Whoever Has the Most Energy Wins

Whoever Has the Most Energy Wins

If you feel exhausted, worn out, or frazzled, it won’t matter how brilliant, talented, funny, or loving you are! After all, you’ll be too tired to be these things. You need to have energy to be at your sparkling best. Are you doing too many of these 6 energy leaking things? Are you doing enough of these 6 energy-boosting things?

15 Tools For An "Instant Happy"

We live in a busy, coffee chugging, time challenged world. We don't have time to be stressed or depressed. If we do find ourselves feeling this way, we want quick tools to get ourselves back on track. Here are 15 quickie attitude makeovers.
Can Posters Work As Pattern Interrupts In Changing Moods?

Can Posters Work As Pattern Interrupts In Changing Moods?

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are becoming aggregates for happiness-boosting inspirational posters. Is this merely a trend for the self help world — or a psychological tool which is here to stay?
Are You A Closet Female Chauvenist About Men?

Are You A Closet Female Chauvenist About Men?

Are you a closet female chauvenist about men? It's time to examine your limiting beliefs about men and love - because what you believe is what you get.

How To Recover From A Prince Harming

After a break up, you may become convinced that the best way to protect your breaking heart is to put the brakes on your heart - refusing to let love in. But it's important not to allow yourself to stay stuck in negative emotions too long. Here are some tips to forgive (both your partner/yourself) and forget (the pain but not the insights!).
Living With Zest - A Secret to Happiness

Living With Zest - A Secret to Happiness

Find out what zest is - and how living with zest can increase your happiness!

Do Nice Guys Finish Happiest?

According to both ancient philosophers like Aristotle and modern day positive psychology professors like Martin Seligman, some of our biggest feelings of happiness come from using personal strengths to be of kindly, altruistic service.

The No. 1 Contributor to Happiness

Is an out-of-control life challenge making you feel "out of control" over your entire life? Studies show one of the top contributors to happiness is "autonomy" - defined as "the feeling that your life - its activities and habits - are self-chosen and self-endorsed." Here's how/why to increase your autonomy to increase your joy!

Think Like A Lion Tamer About The Hurt In Your Life

Have you recently been through a challenge, disappointment, break up or disloyalty with somebody? If so, it’s important after you’ve been hurt, to take some time to think like a lion tamer about your pain, so you can tame the possibility of more negativity coming back to bite you again!
Should Schools Teach Relationship Ed?

Should Schools Teach Relationship Ed?

Here's an idea for how to lower the divorce rate for the next generation!
Should You Break Up Or Make Up?

Should You Break Up Or Make Up?

Remember: You are the common denominator in all your relationship problems. Wherever you go, your pesky repeated issues go - until you shed a blazing light of insight upon them. Here are 8 empowering insights to help you decide if you should break up or make up!

Don't Get Even, Get Even Better

Ten tips to make make sure you turn breakups into needed breakthroughs, endings into better beginnings - and stop focusing on getting even - and instead focus on getting even better!

Worried? Stressed? View Your Life With A "Bifocal Lens"

Sometimes becoming happier is simply a matter of switching your lens from short-term to long-term - or vice versa. Once you learn how to view your life with a bifocal lens, you'll feel less stressed and more confident.

Want to Lose Weight? Go on a Word Diet!

Are you happy with your weight right now? If not, I recommend you go on a WORD DIET - tapping into a combination of Neural Linguistic Programming mixed with positive psychology. It works.

What babies can teach you about happiness!

Want to be happier, more connected to others, and a better problem-solver? Think like a baby!

Broken-Hearted? Throw a Divorce Party!

We view weddings and birthdays as the best times to celebrate. Yet many cultures believe with destruction comes new life. Here are a few popular ideas around the world for turing that divorce or heartbreak into a brand new beginning—starting with throwing a party!

The World Taking It Outta You? A Seligman Study Shows How You Can Cheer up by Giving Back!

In an experiment called “Philanthropy versus Fun,” Seligman divided up his psychology students so that one group engaged in pleasurable activities (going to the movies, eating yummy ice cream) and the other group did philanthropic activities (volunteering at a soup kitchen, reading to the blind).Guess what Seligman discovered?

8 Techniques For Recovering Your Happiness When Life Knocks You Sideways

Feeling challenged, stressed, depressed, anxious, miffed, pissed off, pissed on — and as if you and you alone are being singled out by the fates to suffer? These 8 techniques will encourage you to stop thinking about what’s wrong in your life, and starting thinking about how to create more right! You can do it!

Are You a Female Chauvinist?

If you think men are "emotional bimbos," incapable of growing, listening or sharing feelings, then you might just be a Female Chauvinist! Learn the tell-tale signs - and how Female Chauvinistic thinking might be ruining your relationships with men!

A Love Tip From Aristotle

According to Aristotle, there are three kinds of relationships, only one of which will bring you true happiness. Find out how your relationship measures up!

Seeking a happy relationship? Seek this trait!

Seeking love? There are 5 essential traits to prioritize finding in your partner - and none of them are sexiness, intelligence, funniness, successfulness, or charisma! 

Do You Suffer From Prince Harming Syndrome?

Does your "love life" feel more like a "angst life" or an "I wanna strangle 'em life"? If so, listen to same old old advice - from the 300's BC. Aristotle offers some timeless love tips for how to improve your love life -- and be better able to suss out the difference between a Prince Charming and a Prince Harming!

A Happiness Tip From Aristotle

According to Aristotle the highest form of knowledge is insight - because it's the only knowledge which leads to growth!