A Story of Reflection

I started a training for my new job this past Monday and due to several combined factors, the main one being stress, I was hit with a brutal migraine on Tuesday. The migraine lasted until Saturday morning when I was home and able to get a hold of some different medications which gave me total relief. Thank goodness.

Two Astonishing Works About Depression

In my recent perusal of the Internet, I had the good fortune to stumble across two different people’s interpretations of depression. They both are courageous and powerful in their own right and I related to both of these moving pieces. I wanted to share these works of art with you.

I Still Miss My Mother

Over thirteen years have passed since my mother died and I still miss her terribly. When our family learned that she had pancreatic cancer and that she had only a matter of months to live we embarked on a flurry of photo-taking. One of those photos — her standing at her kitchen counter, poised beside a vase of dark pink tulips — is the one I chose to frame.

When Excitement and Anxiety Come Together

After almost seven years at my current position at the outpatient mental health clinic In New York city I am leaving. I resigned a couple of weeks ago to the surprise of many of my colleagues and I think my boss as well. It has been a roller-coaster rise, with an initial rise in responsibilities, then a drop as I became ill last year, and a slow incline back to recovery.

Perfectionism Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Through taking my yoga classes (almost) every Saturday morning, I am learning that yoga is one activity at which I will never achieve perfection. This realization is good for me as much of my life has been spent in the pursuit of this fruitless goal. The anorexia, the ultimate body, being the best at my job; each time I attempted to achieve perfection the world crashed.

Asking "What If?"

I have often dared to ask myself the question “what if?” What if I had not become so ill? What if I had not become anorexic which lead to such devastation in my life? What would have become of me? But I have not allowed myself to ponder the answers to this question and I have not allowed myself to feel the emotions that are associated with the response.

What I Did On My Spring Staycation

At 3:30 PM last Friday afternoon, as I signed out of work for the afternoon (Friday is a short day for me), one of the administrative assistants in the front office yelled "Gerri, you’re free." I haven’t had a real vacation — time just for me, time to spend how I please, time to do whatever I want, time to simply fritter away as I choose — since the spring of 2013.

The Vacation Dilemma

My psychiatrist, Dr. Adena (not her real name) has left on vacation. She is on the other side of the Atlantic for two weeks, unreachable. There is another psychiatrist covering for her, a kind woman that I’ve seen previously, but I would only call her in case of a dire psychiatric emergency which I’m not anticipating.

Anorexia, Yoga and Asthma (Part II)

Last week I wrote a post titled “Anorexia, Yoga and Asthma” about some of the efforts I have made to strengthen my mind and body in my first full year of recovery from anorexia and some of the obstacles I have encountered. This post is a continuation from last week because there have been new developments that I would like to share with you as I continue to forge ahead.

Anorexia, Yoga and Asthma

Saturday, March 7th started out great. Actually as I was driving home from work the evening before I realized that it had been over a year since I had succumbed to the temptations of anorexia. Well I had one bad week about six months ago, but quickly got back on track. My eating has been a little sideways due to limitations imposed by problems with my new dentures.

A Long-Time Secret Revealed

At the end of a meeting I had with her several days later I proposed an idea. “Tell me if this is crazy,” I said to her. Perhaps that wasn’t the best way to start. “We have a rather ill population here at the clinic. I want my co-workers to see that it is possible to live a full and productive life despite having a mental illness.

Reflections on a Very Personal Anniversary

March 1, 2015 will be one year since I attempted suicide. I have been doing a great deal reflecting back on this past year and even before, the events and the thinking that led up to the overdose and what ensued. I’ve been thinking about this past year in therapy and what I’ve learned about myself.

Taking A Second Look

I’ve had several interesting insights related to my issues with health anxiety and my fear of intimate relationships. Connecting the two, actually. Which is amazing to me. Although it shouldn’t be, because I think I've had some inkling all along that these two concerns are related. They continue to be at the forefront of my therapy sessions.

Philosophy Fights The Stigma of Mental Illness Against Women

There’s a new advocate in the fight against the stigma of mental illness. The Philosophy Brand of products which consists of skin care, fragrance and bath and body item has joined us in our fight. I am excited that a major company is finally recognizing that this problem exists and is taking action.

Fighting Back Against Illness Anxiety Disorder

There is a new term for hypochondriasis. It’s called illness anxiety disorder. I am someone who has great anxiety about my health and go to doctors a lot, though I’m trying to work on lessening my visits and I believe I’m succeeding. I like this new term better.

When Resilience and Acceptance Work Together

I have been told by many people that I am resilient. I have recovered from many setbacks that were posed by my psychiatric illness. When I am doing well, I am able to acknowledge that I am resilient. When I am down, I’m unable to see this quality in myself and I have a difficult time believing that I possess this trait.

Celebrating The Year Ahead By Reminiscing

As all of us approach a New Year, the year of 2015, some of us may be thinking about the year that is about to come to a close and some of us may be thinking about the year that is ahead of us. I’m thinking about both. I’m thinking about the tough year I’ve left behind and I’m thinking that the year ahead has to be better. I’m thankful that I survived this year.

My Fear of Abandonment

After my mother passed away in 2002 I adopted a two year-old cat from a shelter. I wanted an older cat. I felt bad for them because they never got adopted. Everyone wanted kittens. I named her Zoe. After two years I thought she might like some company so I returned to the same shelter and adopted another two-year old cat. I named her Lucy.

I Am Enslaved by My Mind and by My Body

I’ve written about the power of the mind-body connection before almost three years ago in a post appropriately titled “In Awe: The Power of the Mind-Body Connection.” It was more about the physical sensations I experienced with the return of an episode of anorexia, but as I reread it I got one thing right. The somatic symptoms were related to my feelings about my father.

The Dating Game

I just saw something astonishing on the web. It was on MSN Health & Fitness. When I go onto the Internet, MSN comes up as my homepage, just like millions of other people. I scrolled down past lifestyle and entertainment, and started browsing health. And there it was, an article titled “Dating With a Mental Illness.”

Consequences of Anorexia

When I was young and was experiencing my first several episodes of anorexia, I never thought that my struggles with the disease would extend into my fifties. Fifty seemed like an age I would never reach, it was my mother’s age, an age that was untouchable, imperceptible.

Dad, I Want to Tell You I'm Sorry

In my therapy session with my psychiatrist Dr. Adena (not her real name) this past week, I was talking about writing and my father came to mind. Dr. Adena is a psychoanalyst and prefers me to blurt out whatever comes to mind, however seemingly unrelated so I stopped what I was saying about writing and said simply, “My father just came into my mind.”

We All Have Endless Potential

Sometimes, thinking that I haven’t yet reached my full potential is what keeps me sane. I have to believe that there is more out there for me, that I have more to offer, more to give. I have failed but I have also succeeded. One would not be possible without the other. Both lists are long, but not comprehensive. They balance each other, complement each other

I Won't Give Up On Myself

As much as I wanted to end my life eight months ago, it just wasn’t my time. I don’t ever want to be back at that darkest place again and I will work hard in therapy and in my life to avoid returning there. But as I’ve posted in past blogs and as I’ve learned, there are no guarantees.

Wedding Blues

I attended a wedding Saturday evening, my first since my brother’s which was in 2003. Until Saturday night I hadn’t realized it had been so long. My brother’s wedding was a joyous event, a week-long celebration on Fire Island, several hours outside of New York City. My brother rented a house on the beach for immediate family,

Three Things I've Learned

I’ve learned several things in the couple of weeks since I’ve last written. I’m not quite sure how they came to me; perhaps something stuck in my mind while I was surfing the Internet or maybe I overheard this in a snippet of conversation I was eavesdropping on, or it’s possible that one of these gems even came up in my therapy session.They’ve had a profound effect on me.

Chaos In A Woman's Hand

I am in chaos. I am straddling lines in my personal life, my professional life, between health and illness, with my friends, in my therapeutic relationship with my psychiatrist. I feel like an old person in a fifty-three year old woman’s body. I hurt all the time because all the years of my eating disorder has ravaged my body, yet others tell me I shouldn’t hurt.

When Self-Sabotage Is Too Strong To Stop

My biggest fear, even larger than dying, is ending up like him, as what I envision as the crazy cat lady, locked in out of terror in an apartment that I share with a dozen cats, an apartment that reeks of cat urine and feces, alone and afraid of everything and anything.

Weaknesses as Strengths and Strengths as Weaknesses

During the course of my illness, there were many times I felt as though my weaknesses — both the ones I had identified and the ones that had not yet come to my consciousness — were getting the best of me. I’d get overwhelmed, frustrated and feel like giving up. Some of the weaknesses were even masquerading as strengths trying to defraud me.

Coming To Terms

That’s how it went. One day at a time. I didn’t count the days or mark them off with an X on my calendar, but I might as well have because each one felt like an indelible stamp on my very slow progress. If it could be called progress. The constant ups and downs felt like a roller coaster ride that I had to weather in my mind without showing it outwardly.