The New Old

The Greatest Generation survived the Depression and saved the American Way of Life, but Baby Boomers are now reinventing the concept of older age—a historic achievement in itself.

Why Father's Day Matters

Father’s Day is an opportunity to recognize that dads matter by bestowing in their children the psychological gifts of confidence, self-esteem, sense of adventure, and risk-taking.

The New and Improved Third Act of Life

Rather than embrace their parents’ model of seniority defined by retirement, baby boomers are now pursuing many different options, a version of life I call Boomers 3.0.

The Joy of Aging

Inserting joy into the conversation of aging offers us the greatest chance of making the subject more palatable.

Aging in America

People I don’t know are suddenly being unnecessarily nice to me, and, to be honest, I’m not too happy about it.