How to Find Happiness Where You Least Expect It

Research shows that we pay a heavy price for mind-wandering and rumination.

How to Manage Your Emotions

In the heat of the moment, our emotions can get the better of us. This raises a serious question: Am I in charge of my emotions, or are they in charge of me?

Why Men and Women Miscommunicate at Work

The next time you're sitting in a boring meeting, look out for these characteristics of men-talk and women-talk.

How to Stop Wasting Your Time in Meetings

Over a third of meetings are considered to be a waste of time. Some simple changes can halve the time you spend in meetings and double their value.

How Well Do You Know What Motivates You?

When asked what motivates them, many people are surprisingly vague. And yet deeply understanding your own motivations helps you create the life you want. And when you discover what motivates other people, you can help them fly.

Why People May Not Want Your Advice

Many of us are addicted to offering our solutions and pearls of wisdom at the slightest opportunity. So often our advice is well intended but unwelcome. Over time this can cause our friends, family and colleagues to stop communicating with us.

Why We Laugh, and Why We Need To

How does laughter work? Who laughs more when telling a joke - the speaker or the listener? Are there different types of laughter? And do we laugh randomly or not?

How to Stop Having Disagreements That Ruin Your Day

Why do we shout at someone we love even though we know it will make things worse? Or trample on people's sentences in a work meeting when we set out to listen? The answer lies in having mindful rather than mindless conversations.

How Trivial Conversations Become Bust-Ups

Research shows that most arguments begin with low-grade niggles about leaving sock-fluff on the carpet, unwashed plates next to the sink or flicking TV channels. These situations can quickly escalate into a full-scale row, in which underlying issues get brought into the conversation and both parties end up in The Bad Place.

How to Prevent Arguments

The early warning signs you're heading for a bust-up.