Anosognosia, Psychopathy, and the Conscience

What happens if we can't recognize our bad behavior brought on by illness or disorder?

What's in a Name?

What role do ideas and ideology play in the formation of the conscience?

The Onion in the Ointment

The neurodiversity movement must work to define itself and address the differences of harmful individuals.

Boxing and Domestic Abuse

Why boxing is not a causal factor behind domestic abuse

A Sense of Future and the Act of Killing

How could our perception of the future shape our morality?

The Challenges Facing Soldiers After Combat

What are some of the challenges veterans face when returning from war, and how is treatment approached when counseling is offered?

Training the Mind to Devalue the Lives of Others

Batting away the conscience. Sociopathy lurks in all of us.

Emotion and Worldviews

How does our natural capacity for empathy influence our beliefs about the world? Could this be a connection that explains the perpetual reappearance of prejudice?

Asthmatic Personality

Has asthma shaped your personality?

The Impossible Phenotype

If sexualized and modified photos of women don't really exist in real life, how can we account for their sex appeal?

Q&A with Dr. Robert Hanlon

What could drive a person to kill their entire family?

Dissecting Empathy

How do killers see us? Is there a difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?

Survived By One - A Review

Why would a family member kill their entire family?

The Role of Ring Girls at Professional Fighting Events

Do we need representations of sex and representations of violence in the same place?

What Would We Find Wrong in the Brain of a Serial Killer?

If we could peer inside the brain of a killer, what would we see?

Evolution and the Psychopath

Could there be a cultural component to the continued presence of psychopaths among us? The complex interplay of traumatic environments and deadly genes could be responsible.

The Making and the Breaking of the Serial Killer

What kinds of factors make and break the serial killer? A look at Conduct Disorder, addiction, and the frontal lobes of psychopaths could hold some answers.

When Serial Killers Commit Suicide

Do serial killers commit suicide for the same reasons as non-killers? The pathology of killers could shed light on this phenomenon.

Brain of the intellect vs. Brain of the serial killer

Which is more valuable to society, the secrets to intelligence or the secrets to serial killing?