The Tim Tebow Craze: What's the Big Deal About This Guy?

So the guy poses as if he's praying; yeah, and...? Haven't celebrities and athletes been doing this for years, thanking God for this or that? This is nothing new. Just play the darn game.

Is the Church Changing the World, or the World Changing the Church?

With all these megachurches, "bishops," and 24-hour access, why is there so much mess going on with God's people, in today's churches? Think: Sex scandals, violence, even texting while in service. Lord, help. Who's changing whom?

Celibates Be Aware: Sex Can Be Wonderful for Your Health!

You are spiritual, emotional, maternal, and professional beings; many women of faith readily acknowledge and embrace these characteristics. But you are also sexual beings, and that part of you should not be denied or minimized.

White People, Black President

White. Male. Republican. Black president and first lady. Mix these together and what do you get? Some Black people cry racism too often; but, for sure, many White people don't own it enough.

The Black Woman's Guide to Living Well in 2012 Part I

Sex, health, happiness and know you want it! And there's no better time than now for having it all and "gettin' it good!" The goal is to be healthier women in 2012!

Phenomenal Black Women doing Phenomenal Things--Part I

Do you know that there are so many wonderful, powerful, strong, sexy, accomplished, loving, married-with-children Black women out here who are doing GREAT things...but you never even heard of them?

Phenomenal Black Women doing Phenomenal Things--Part II

Celebrate these women as you contemplate your desires and dreams for 2012. Whatever you set your mind to do, you can do it, but success takes a plan and hard work. Regardless of the negative images you see in the media, look around: Bountifully blessed, successful, accomplished, happy Black women are all around you.

Medical Bloopers! Amusing & Amazing Stories of Health Care Workers

Medical Bloopers is a collection of unusual, embarrassing, funny and surprising experiences of many health care professionals--including doctors, nurses, anesthetists and others. One or two stories are admittedly, non-'PC'. Many anecdotes are amusing; others...just mouth-on-the-floor amazing.

Michelle Obama Incognito in Target...where casual is okay

The frequent cardigans. The sleeveless outfits. Some say Michelle Obama's fashion sense is too casual for official FLOTUS appearances; the hi-belted look usually not flattering and her style is "eclectic," which is code for "what the...?" In Target, the casual "common" look is acceptable.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Who's at Risk (Part 1)

Early family dynamics play an important role in children's mental health.