You know of First Lady Michelle Obama and many Black female celebrities such as the talented Angela Bassett; also Halle Berry, Alfre Woodard, the amazing vocalist Jennifer Hudson, and others.

You watch the news with journalists Sharon Epperson (NBC); Soledad O'Brien, Fredricka Whitfield and Suzanne Malveux (all CNN); Deborah Roberts and Robin Roberts (both of ABC), Harrison Faulkner (Fox News Channel); and three strikingly beautiful Black women: the most pleasant Richelle Carey (CNN Headline News), Tamron Hall (MSNBC), and the London-based African beauty, Isha Sesay (CNN). (Hey, I'm 100% straight heterosexual, but I can give another woman her props. Facts are facts. No threat. [Smile].)

But do you know that there are so many wonderful, powerful, strong, sexy, accomplished, loving, married-with-children Black women out here who are doing GREAT things...but you never even heard of them?

In chapter 7 of Living Well...Despite Catchin' Hell: The Black Woman's Guide to Health, Sex and Happiness, (the first Black women's health and sex guide book in eight years, that also deals with the effect of negative media images on Black women's psyche and physical health), I give visibility to approximately 20 Black women who are sho'nuff doing their thing! Again, you already know of the Black women in the press and in politics (thank God they are there); but I hereby give voice to some Black women you may not know.

Do I know any of the women I highlight below? Only one. But I believe in celebrating the courage, strength, resilience and success of my Black sisters who have not only survived, but thrived against many formidable odds.

The media--including many Black TV moguls and Black movie producers--are quick to cast Black women in a negative light: Black women are usually gun-toting, loud, crass, unkempt, bald or masculine-looking, sloppy, rude, angry and/or ghetto-trash slutty. Reportedly Kandi Burress, NeNe Leakes (both of Real Houswives infamy) and others have actually supported such negative portrayals of Black women [are you kidding me!?]. But I say...I know that most Black women do NOT fit that stereotypical profile, not in style, speech, dress or conduct.

So join me with an excerpt of the list printed in Living Well as I celebrate some Phenomenal Black Women who do Phenomenal Things. To see the list, click HERE.
To all...Be Healthy, Be Blessed... and make sure you are Living Well, Despite Catchin' Hell, a book about health, sex and happiness, with a foreword by Pauletta Washington, musician and wife of Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington, and endorsed by psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere and others. [Get it now. It makes a great 'new year, new you' health guide for women. The book includes current comparative data for Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women. Are you Living Well in 2012?

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Melody T. McCloud, M.D., is an obstetrician-gynecologist and the author of First Do No Harm: How to Heal Your Relationships Using the Wisdom of Professional Caregivers.

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