A hung jury. That was the one thing I didn't want and that I feared most. I was wrong. Right now, it is the one thing I wish the Casey Anthony jury had done. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the jury--any jury, or juror (except maybe those who said they didn't like to judge people)--would find Casey Anthony "not guilty." My fear was that those who "didn't like to judge people"--jurors # 2, 4 and 5 reportedly--would cause the jury to be hung due to most jurors voting "guilty," and the non-judging jurors would vote "not guilty." That all twelve voted "not guilty" is beyond my comprehension; it really is...and it pains my heart. That poor little girl is dead and no one is held accountable.

Yes, the jurors were in the court room; I wasn't. Yes, they were sequestered; and as a citizen of this country, I thank them for their service. But it is nauseating to me to now hear some of those jurors who have the courage to speak out (though, wisely, hiding their faces) to say that they are "sick to their stomach" about the verdict that they delivered and that so many of them "didn't say she was innocent of the crime." Are you kidding me? If that is the case, then why didn't the jury hang itself: Instead of voting "not guilty" and letting this woman walk totally free, why didn't they compromise on the vote--create a hung jury--so the state could retry the case?

Yes, that would have cost more money and time, to say nothing of the stress on the Anthony family. But to allow Casey to walk free from a murder that even the jurors say they felt she committed...!?!

Where is the justice for Caylee? And now, Casey Anthony--a bona fide, admitted, colossal liar--can sit and relish the fact that she (obvious to me and three-quarters of this country) even lied herself out of a murder conviction. Damn. Talk about being sick to the stomach.

I think part of the jury's problem is that they were looking for the fictional CSI crime drama scenario in which the scriptwriter provides the perfect ending! I don't watch CSI and other fictitious dramas. I watch the real-life murder mysteries: "48 Hours Mystery," Dateline," "20/20" and "Dark Hand, Iron Fist." Not every real-life crime scene is going to have the perfect ending with all the T's crossed and all "I's" dotted. Not every case is going to have the smoking-gun DNA. Most real life cases are circumstantial. Rarely does someone actually see the killing take place, or see someone place the body somewhere.

But we do know that little Caylee was found in the woods. Someone had to put her there; and since there was no DNA anywhere, isn't it reasonable to recognize that the DNA had been washed away or destroyed by the elements over a six month period? From June until December, in Florida's heat, and with a hurricane passing through the region, it is perfectly reasonable that there wouldn't be any DNA anywhere. And were Casey's actions consistent with a grieving mother? Of course not.

The fact is there is a dead child, and a mother--Casey--who lied repeatedly about the whereabouts of her child. She was the last one to be with the child and, instead of earnestly looking for her child, or reporting a "drowning accident," Casey is out partying and getting tattooed with Bella Vita--the Beautiful Life--which unfortunately, this jury has granted her free and clear.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I feel Casey had been the center of attention in her family; Lee was bumped out of the way when Casey was born. Then when Caylee was born, Casey was jealous of the attention her parents paid to little Caylee and Casey couldn't handle it. She also wanted to party, so Caylee had to go.

All of this is reasonable. But according to the jurors who have spoken out, they seemed to totally latch on to the heinous paint balls Jose Baez and the defense team splattered on a very clear canvas of Casey's guilt.

"Juror #11" said that different things the prosecution presented was "speculation," but yet, he seemed to intimate that the "speculation" the defense put forth was possible and more plausible. This jury didn't see the forest for the trees, and sadly, little Caylee was dumped under those trees, left there to rot in the elements. It is clear to me and others who it was who killed her and put her there. Plus, Casey is likely going to make money from this tragedy and travesty. Shame.

The jury was instructed that they can use common sense, that they can make reasonable inferences from the evidence presented. If they'd done that, Casey would not be preparing to walk free, laughing her butt off at the system, at the jurors, at her family and at the remains of her dead child. But instead, the jurors seemed to immediately attach themselves to the speculation and disgraceful distractions the defense put forth. I don't get it.

What do I think should happen to Casey? I really had better not say. But Jose Baez says he's "taking Casey to someplace she'll be safe." After seeing the way he and Casey looked at each other on sentencing day (and at other times), I certainly hope Jose's wife goes with them.

To Linda Drane Burdick, Jeff Ashton, Frank George, the investigators and others involved in bringing this case forward in seeking justice for Caylee, I say JOB WELL DONE. That the jury voted as they did is something I will never understand. Once the pain of this decision passes, know (prosecutors) that you did an excellent job and should sleep well. I don't see how any of the jurors in this case can do the same, now or ever.

Despite them thinking Casey was "not innocent," they let her walk free. Instead of the verdict they rendered, yes, they should have 'hung' themselves...so the case could be retried. A hung jury would have been preferable to this--this travesty that has been issued upon all of us, especially little Caylee and the Anthony family.

To all...Be Healthy, Be Blessed...Be Prayerful...and make sure you are Living Well.

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Melody T. McCloud M.D.

Melody T. McCloud, M.D., is an obstetrician-gynecologist and the author of First Do No Harm: How to Heal Your Relationships Using the Wisdom of Professional Caregivers.

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