"I Want This Pregnancy to Be Over!" But Does Your Baby?

You enjoyed the "whole pregnancy thing" for a good while, but now, you're over it. Enough already. You've made it to 37 weeks and you want the baby to have the same birthdate as your grandma. So you ask for an early delivery, and all too often, some obstetricians oblige. But if your baby could vote, in the interest of its health, it would say "No, mommy. Wait."

What Wives of Men Who Sexually Abuse Kids Need to Understand

Sexual abuse is not only an institutional problem of churches and college campuses; these violations happen all too often in everyday life, in every place neighborhoods. If the wife knew what was happening, and/or the case was successfully proven in the courts, don't add insult to lifelong injury by casting aspersions on the victim.
Hot and Happening: Senior Sex in the 21st Century!

Hot and Happening: Senior Sex in the 21st Century!

Many senior citizens are still “getting their groove on”! Have fun, reap all the benefits of sex, but be sexually smart, because STD rates in seniors are on the rise.

Most Blacks Don't Swim. They Need to Learn

USA Swimming--the national governing body for swimming--found that 31 percent of White kids don't know how to swim, and the rate for Blacks is more than twice that number (70 percent). For some it's economics or access; for others, it's all about "the hair." Swimming is fun, healthy and life-saving for all. Make sure you and your kids know how to do it.

Putting Your Best Voice Forward

You may not think about how you sound, but your voice is one of the first impressions you make with others, and it can be the one impression that lasts. Do you sound "nasal" or whiney? Are you loud; or resonant, soothing, and confident? Speech pathologist Mindy Cohen gives advice for sounding your best when relating to others, personally and professionally.

My Q&A with FLOTUS Pioneer: Mental Health 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden are working to increase awareness of many issues concerning our military, national gun violence, mental health issues such as PTSD and high rates of suicide. Here, former FLOTUS Rosalynn Carter discusses her pioneering role in mental health.

CDC: Suicide on the Rise for (mostly) White Baby Boomers

Recent reports of military suicides abound; but the CDC reveals that amongst civilians in general, between 1999-2010, baby boomers committed suicide at soaring rates. In 2009 there were more suicides that deaths from motor vehicle crashes. White men in their 50s, and White women in their 60s showed sharp increases. Read why and how, and how to get help.

Not All Mothers Are Loving and Kind

Mother's Day is a time to honor mothers who give love and support to their children; but that's not everyone's experience.

Friends: Many Are Aching, Ailing, Dying or Dead

Death is a part of life, and none of us come here to stay. So while you still can, live well, connect and reconnect with your friends in a way all can treasure.

“42” Speaks to Courage and Racism, Past and Present

This movie shows what can be done when one has vision, courage and humanity towards other human beings. It shows how to accept a person based on their character, not on the color of their skin. How timely.

Borderline Personality Afflicts all Races and Both Genders

Current statistics imply that Borderline Personality Disorder is more common in (White)females, but men and other races also suffer with BPD. Many government sites have little to no current BPD data, and none regarding BPD in men, nor comparative stats for Blacks, Hispanics and more. It's (respectfully) time for HHS to get current with mental health concerns.

First Do No Harm...In Your Relationships: Get Help if Needed

Men Feel Pain, Too. Never Underestimate How Much Someone Hurts; and now, when faced with relationship woes, more quick-read pearls of wisdom to help heal your pained relationships.

Angelina, Celebs Share Stories to Advance Health Awareness

Angelina Jolie gets double mastectomy. Robin Roberts. David Letterman. Whether it's cancers of the colon, breast or lung; or borderline personailty, depression and/or domestic violence, many celebrities have lent their voice to increasing awareness of illnesses that have affected them or their loved ones.

Substance Abuse, Whitney Houston and Bodyguards

If only those in Whitney Houston's real life had embraced the message from the movie, The Bodyguard: "Never let your guard down. Never let her out of your sight." But then again, you can't make people do what they don't want to do. There is help available for substance abuse.

Does America Need 'Decency' Laws?

Have you grown weary of the ever-present sexual innuendos for products that have nothing to do with sex, and burlesque-styled “entertainment” constantly bombarding your visual and auditory senses? Is this how it’s going to be going forward? It is when I’m hit with all these images and sounds that I long for the good old days and I wish we had decency laws. Or do I?

It's Time to Change the History of Black Americans' Health

Despite numerous advances for Blacks in America, Black health statistics for successful health care outcomes still lag behind millions of others. This need not be; and while Black history is being made in other areas--even being president of the USA--the time is now to change that history as well. Make your health a priority.

Mental Health Experts, After Sandy Hook, If Not Now, When?

Amidst mass killings, suicides, bullying; and even the hostility, aggression, fights and uncompromising spirits in Washington, mental health issues need to be brought to the fore of our national discussion and laws.

Electronic Medical Records: Speedy, Secure, but Inaccurate?

Patient Alert: How can you be sure that what is entered into your electronic medical record (EMR) accurately states your condition? Physicians, don't get lazy with EMRs; doing so is dangerous for patients and the profession.

First Do No Harm...In Your Relationships

Medical "pearls of wisdom" that apply to proper care of a patient can also apply to proper care and healing of relationships.

Are Judges Reluctant to Order Mental Health Evaluations?

Mental illness does not occur only in criminal defendants, or when children are involved. Civil defendants and debtors before the court might also need evaluation/treatment for mental disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD. Are judges reluctant to order mental health evaluations in civil cases? This is a concern for families, and also veterans.

Trayvon Martin's 'Crime' was The Color of His Skin?

The current painful story of Trayvon's Martin senseless murder reminds many of us that some things haven't changed over decades of life.

No to Contraception, but Military Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction?

As some elected officials debate women's contraception, should our military award 'disability' benefits to men just because they can no longer get, or maintain, an erection? How much is that costing us?

Wanted: Your Answers to These Questions About Life and Death

In the past month I've sadly learned of three Baby Boomers who committed suicide, reportedly including, one, a true socialite, a certified ‘Ms Diva' and very well-to-do. Looking at her life from the outside, it seemed she had everything going for her; but now, she's dead... reportedly at her own hand.

Whitney Houston is Dead: Did Her Party-Friends Fail Her?

Whitney Houston had a well-known battle with drugs. After having fallen off the wagon in times past, she was reportedly trying to recover again. I respectfully ask ... didn't any of her Thursday/Friday night "close" party friends recognize/understand that for her to be in such a high-risk, toxic environment, drinking alcohol, was something she should not do?

Sex and Heart Health: Treadmill or Titillation?

Valentine's Day is coming, but you don't have to wait until then to get your heart pumping and burn some calories; and would you rather be on a treadmill, or engage in hour-long titillation?

JFK’s Young Intern Lover Reveals Long-held Secrets; Would You?

Would you ever write a tell-all memoir? If so, why? Would it be to free yourself of the journey's twists and turns and what effect it had on your life? Would it be to do the big reveal–to finally explain to others some "whys" of situation and reactions gone by? Is it to brag? Is it ...[what]?

The Psyche of Modern-Day Young Black Men Part 1: In Crisis, Not College?

Education is the ticket out of poverty. Black families need educated Black men; their presence is not only requested, it is required. But with fewer Black males in college, it's time for all hands on deck.

The Psyche of Modern-Day Young Black Men Part 2: Effect on Black Women and Family Structure

With a lack of Black men in college, especially compared to the number of Black women, the social and educational disparity is stark. As more and more Black women pursue college and grad schools, they find themselves with fewer suitable, accomplished, or career-minded, marriage-worthy Black men to have as mates.

The Movie "The Help" Is for White People?

Jobs are hard to come by for Black actresses in Hollywood, so to get any gig in the industry is wonderful; I AM happy for Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and the other ladies. Having said that, what is the deal with the movie The Help? Why do movies that continue to show Black women as slaves, whores, maids, etc., get lauded?

American Heart: 'Go Red,' for Your Body, Mind and Soul

Heart disease is not just a physiologic concern related to cholesterol and the like, but also a psychological/emotional concern, related to emotional and social stressors. This fact bears increased importance for Black women.