Is Declining Ability With Aging Inevitable?

There’s an inevitable decline in ability across the lifespan, or so we’ve been told. This idea that we have to deteriorate as we age has had widespread and pervasive traction in our society. But is it true?

The Most Important Thing I Learned Last Year

Sometimes you have to see something familiar from a different perspective to realize just how much you don’t know about it. That’s the kind of experience I had last year. An experience that revealed to me just how much I don’t know about what the world looks like through the eyes of girls and women.

Jean Béliveau: The Dignity and Grace of a True Master

I wore a hockey jersey to my University of Victoria office on Wednesday December 3, 2014. It was my treasured Jean Béliveau jersey. I wore it to honor the life of a great and dignified Canadian, ice hockey player, and statesman who was an inspiration to me personally.

High Performance Always—the Hockey Life of Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe’s truly amazing performance during his career is an inspirational landmark for the ability to produce at a high level across your entire life.

Does Brainstorming Constrain Creativity?

Effective brainstorming is initially a solo activity that requires reflection, contemplation and the comfort to take risks. It’s not really compatible with group activities and also completely incompatible with modern “crowd sourcing” ideas around intellectual pursuits. Insight isn’t a commodity.

Tool Time--Fishing Chimpanzees to Fictional Ninja Turtles

We humans clearly have an extensive and ever growing repertoire of tools to choose from, far more than other animals. The truth is that a lot of animals can and do use tools.

Wo(men), Superheroes, and Gender Equity

We’ve now seen the iconic character Thor re-envisioned as a woman. But when will the great and talented female comic book writers and artists take center stage shepherding iconic male characters like Spider-Man and Batman?

The Enduring Inspiration of Bruce Lee and Batman

Bruce Lee and Batman are both such timeless and enduring icons because they both serve as examples of achievement against the odds. These two icons also work well when considered together because the real life Bruce Lee stands as testament to those small parts of the Batman mythology that are grounded in reality.

Concussion at the Copacabana

The 2014 World Cup provided far too many examples of the ridiculous way that concussion and probable concussion are handled in sport and in our society.

Minimizing Concussion Isn’t Cool Anymore

It’s past time to move beyond stone-age minimization of concussion to the modern age understanding of the health implications.

The Ultimate Athlete Who Broke Baseball’s Bigotry Barrier

Jackie Robinson day is here again in Major League Baseball. He caused a paradigm shift in baseball and because of his efforts many athletes have had access to amazing careers.Unfortunately, although that paradigm was officially broken on April 15, 1947, aspects of that bigotry continue to linger to present day.

Keep Your Eye, or Maybe Your Head, on the Ball

It’s a common refrain in many sports, but do we actually keep our eyes on the ball and if so, how? It turns out, it’s all in our heads.

Should Grandma and Grandpa Dance to Rihanna?

There are many benefits of being active and these are amplified as we age. It’s always difficult to parse out how much of the benefits of activity are from “fitness” changes and how much from “motor learning”. The bottom line is keep calm and dance on.

Peyton Manning and the Power of Plasticity

Neuroplasticity can be influenced by our history of training and our current efforts. An active lifestyle is a kind of “neurological insurance policy” we pay into every time we learn or practice an activity. If we have an injury and have to cash in that policy, we've already given ourselves the opportunity to have the best recovery possible.

Exercise Is Evil (Part 2): What To Do If You Live In A Zoo

Exercise can’t be something extra in your life. Instead periods of exercise need to be simply the most active parts of an active life. The way to do this is learning to be inefficient.

Exercise is Evil

It’s time to get the concept that you need to exercise out of your life. What you need to do instead is embrace your animal nature and include activity in your life at all times. Living in a zoo like we humans now do means we have to change our approach to being active.

Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Brain

While the overall anatomical and functional organization of our nervous system does have lateralization, emerging evidence suggests it’s not as cut and dried as we once imagined.

Less is More

When we learn to do something we often struggle against processes that need time to occur and cannot really be rushed.A purposeful approach to do less may be needed.

Batman says go for a walk

Walking is a fundamental activity that benefits all aspects of your brain and body. It also helps you deal more effectively with stress.

Nothing's Gonna Change My World

Once something reaches the level of a habit, it’s hard to change. So make efforts to establish some good rituals and habits that help define you.

Getting Physical Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Going for a run helps reduce the susceptibility of our brains to anxiety and stress. A brain in motion is a happy brain.

When Life Hands You Lemons

Lots of things happen in life. It's how we respond to them that's important.

Who—or What—Is Iron Man Really?

Iron Man as an invention represents the ultimate in human ingenuity and creative spirit and is a product of repeated failure.

Jackie Robinson—the Batman of Baseball

Superman, Batman and Jackie Robinson were all original superheroes and powerful symbols of achievement.

This Is Your Brain on Baseball

It’s springtime and the excitement of a new ball season is in the air. But what is in your brain?

Teaching an Old Brain New Tricks (and Kicks)

There is no such thing as being too old to train your brain. Neuroplasticity is always accessible no matter how old you are.

1894, A Story of Brain Plasticity Part 2 (Frontstory)

Paradoxically (or not) strength training the stronger side can help the weaker side get stronger after stroke.

1894, A Story of Brain Plasticity Part 1 (Backstory)

That strength gain you got after a month at the gym? It's all in your brain.

The Gift of Hope

Sometimes the slow pace of advances makes it easy to get discouraged as a scientist trying to help people. But then you can get surprised.

Who Cares About Einstein’s Brain?

It’s how your brain works, not how it looks that defines your potential. When it comes to the brain, form doesn’t always reveal function.