Sex in the Museum

What is it like to run one of the world's most famous sex museums?
Why Sexual Passion Fades

Why Sexual Passion Fades

“Our marriage is great…except for the sex.” An interview with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Marianne Brandon

What Kind of Porn Do Women Like the Most?

Online data reveals two fundamental--and surprising!--truths about women's tastes in visual pornography.

Why Do Men Love The Moneyshot? A New Kind Of Explanation

The cross-cultural popularity of the facial shot in porn defies explanation by the two leading accounts of sexual interests, evolutionary theory and sociocultural theory. It requires a different kind of explanation, and computational neuroscience-based erotical illusion theory may provide part of the answer.

Why Sex Research is The Toughest Field of Science

It's difficult to imagine the morally oppressive culture that Galileo inhabited—unless we think about contemporary sex research.

A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What We've Learned About Turn-ons

What can the Internet teach us about our true sexual tastes?
A Billion Angry Brains: The Four Types of Online Hostility

A Billion Angry Brains: The Four Types of Online Hostility

“The Internet will break down national borders and lead to world peace." Nicholas Negroponte, 1997.

What Would a Stone Age Man Do If He Could Fly?

If a Stone Age man were suddenly granted the ability to fly, what’s the first thing he would do? Glide over mountaintops and converse with eagles? Soar high into the heavens like Icarus to greet the gods? Or would baser emotions rule his response? The answer isn't mere philosophical speculation. It's historical fact.

Sexualpedia 7: Why Am I So Turned On By Feet?

In this entry in the Sexualpedia, we explore the cross-cultural male interest in feet and foot-related stimuli, such as pantyhose, shoes, and stockings. The explanation is based upon biology, neuroscience, and cue theory. It also explores a new online sexual marketplace known as Extra Lunch Money.

Sexualpedia 6: Why Do I Like to Role-Play in the Bedroom?

The Sexualpedia series of articles explains the origins of different sexual interests in men and women using online behavioral data, neuroscience, and comparative research. In this entry, female role-playing fantasies are explored.
Sexualpedia Part 5: Why Do I Like Wetlook?

Sexualpedia Part 5: Why Do I Like Wetlook?

Wetlook illustrates one way that erotic interests can get imprinted onto the male sexual brain.

Sexualpedia Part 4: Why do I Like Billionaires?

Our first entry in the Men's Sexualpedia was busty, one of the most prevalent erotic interests for male brains around the world. We open the Women's Sexualpedia with the erotic interest that may serve as busty's equivalent in the female brain: billionaires.

Sexualpedia Part 3: Why do I Like Large Breasts?

We will kick off our Men's Sexualpedia with an explanation of the Mother of All Male Sexual Interests: busty porn.

Sexualpedia Part 2: The Sexual Homonculi

What lady parts do men find most beguiling? What pieces of male anatomy intrigue women the most? To answer these questions, we turned to our data. [ ADULT WARNING: Medical illustrations with full frontal nudity. ]

Sexualpedia Part 1: Why Do I Like The Things I Like?

Why do you like to read paranormal romance novels? Why do you like to look at pictures of girls smeared with mud? Why do you find Adam Lambert so strangely alluring? This series of articles explains many common sexual interests. This article (Part 1) explains sexual cue theory.

What Do Shemale Porn and the Twilight Novels Have In Common?

What do shemale porn and Edward Cullen (the Twilight vampire) have in common? The answer lies in the design of our sexual brain--a neural "erotical illusion."

The Truth about 50 Shades of Grey and Futanari Porn

Why do women obsess over 50 Shades of Grey and men ogle transsexual cartoons, and not the other way around? Why do middle-aged women become erotically infatuated with Adam Lambert rather than Chris Brown, to the point of penning Glambertina fantasies? Why do men masturbate over pictures of women's feet, but not women's hands?

Fetishes Do Not Exist (Part II)

It's true that many sexual interests which may be present in the population may not necessarily manifest themselves on the Internet. For example, necrophilia.

Fetishes Do Not Exist

The terms "paraphilia" and "fetish" should go the wayof terms like "retarded," "spastic," and "hysteria." Men and women have diverse sexual interests, not atypical fetishes.
Our Greatest Source of Sexual Creativity

Our Greatest Source of Sexual Creativity

There are two fundamental sexual cues, mostly innate, that do more than all others to define our sexual identity and fuel our sexual imagination: (1) which gender we find attractive, and (2) whether we prefer to be dominant or submissive in the bedroom.

How my battle with Ken Jennings influenced our sex research

When it comes to the science of the brain, I take a practical approach. If you think you understand how a particular brain system works, you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge in the real world, not just in the ivory tower. That's why I used my computational neuroscience research to try to win on game shows.

Shemales, Bestiality, and Granny Porn: Mere Curiosity or Genuine Sexual Interest?

On the publication date of A Billion Wicked Thoughts--our analysis of massive, unprecedented data on men and women's online sexual behavior--we answer this question: How can we determine whether a particular sexual search reflects mere curiosity or genuine interest?
Comparing the Sexuality of Women and Gay Men

Comparing the Sexuality of Women and Gay Men

For many years, psychologists presumed that gay male sexuality was similar to female sexuality. Both gay men and heterosexual women like men, of course. But are there other similarities? One way we might approach this question is by comparing erotic stories written by women and gay men.

Exploring Male and Female Erotic Illusions

Just like our brains are tricked by optical illusions, they're also tricked by erotical illusions. By combining (or distorting) multiple sexual cues in novel patterns, it's possible to evoke bewilderingly intense sexual arousal. Male erotical illusions are visual, female erotical illusions are psychological.

The secret desires of men: what Cosmo won't tell you!

Our research into sexual desire unearthed a number of genuine surprises that defy conventional wisdom and the expectations of the contemporary science of sexuality. Both straight and gay men enjoy ogling chests, butts, and feet. But for straight men, another body part was more popular than butts and feet combined.

The Striking Sexual Similarities of Gay and Straight Men

One of the most important discoveries of our research is that both scientists and ordinary folks don't actually know which sexual interests are common and which are rare. So even though both straights and gays are limited by varying degrees of ignorance about gay sexuality, they're all equally ignorant about straight sexuality.

Men, Women, and the Software of Sexual Desire

If a computer engineer was designing a pair of robots that emulated the sexual behavior of Homo sapiens, the male brain would require an OR gate and the female brain an AND gate.

The World's Largest Experiment in Human Behavior

Homo sapiens' sexual predilections have always been tough to nail down. Most people don't make merry love in shopping malls and public squares. We are loathe to share our intimate desires with neighbors or scientists.