Crisis Hostage Negotiation and the Impact of "Control"

Find out how hostage negotiators help return a sense of control back to the person they are negotiating with so you can apply it to your work and personal life.

The Effective Crisis Negotiator: Prepare Like a Navy SEAL

Learn how crisis professionals handle stressful incidents and how it can help you handle your crises, disputes, and conflicts.

The 5 Core Skills Of Hostage Negotiators

Learn the five core skills taught to law enforcement hostage negotiators and apply them to your next crisis situation at work or home in order to get what you want.
"Recipes" for Success from Negotiation Expert "Chefs"

"Recipes" for Success from Negotiation Expert "Chefs"

We all negotiate on a daily basis in a variety of professional and social settings. Expert negotiators from around the world share their "recipes" including all the "secret ingredients" on how to be an effective negotiator.

Secret Skill of Crisis & Hostage Negotiators: Slow Down!

Find out how crisis and hostage negotiators slow things down to move situations towards a peaceful resolution and learn how to apply this to your life as most likely you are not a hostage negotiator!
Active Listening Techniques of Hostage & Crisis Negotiators

Active Listening Techniques of Hostage & Crisis Negotiators

Active listening is not just a tool relied on by hostage and crisis negotiators. It can help you during your next negotiation, conflict, or dispute. Active listening allows you to gain valuable information from the speaker (it let’s you know the “why” behind their positions or “wants”) and it develops rapport and trust.

Government Shutdown Negotiation Tip: Build A Golden Bridge

Building a golden bridge refers to making sure you have satisfied and overcome the the four common obstacles to an agreement: involving them (the person you are negotiating with) in devising a solution, meeting unmet interests, helping them save face and finally making the process as simple and easy as possible.

Hostage & Crisis Negotiators: Nonverbal Communication Basics

You might not be a crisis/hostage negotiator but there is much that can be learned from them with the result making you a better communicator. Learn vital nonverbal communication skills that make them effective and be able to apply it to your life.

Negotiation: Body Language, Baselines, and B.S.

Three aspects of nonverbal communication: body language, a person's baseline, and deception can give you an edge during your next negotiation with someone. This ranges from complex multi-million dollar talks to everyday negotiations and everything in between.

The Science of Body Language & The Debates

People are happy to share their thoughts on body language during the debates but how do you determine the difference between opinion and those backed up with research? Learn the research behind nonverbal communication and be able to make a more informed analysis during the next debate while you can also become a more effective communicator.

CPR: Breathing Life Into The Debates

The CPR model of Charisma, Professionalism, and Rapport allows you to not only notice what both Vice President Biden and Representative Ryan are doing during the debate, but allows you to apply it to your life too.

Stories Mediators Tell

The mystery of what goes on during mediation sessions is cleared through the stories of expert mediators describing actual mediation sessions based on disputes including the workplace setting, family, personal relationships, business partners, and medical malpractice.

Mimicry and Mirroring Can Be Good... or Bad

Can mimicking and mirroring someone increase rapport, liking, and a positive feeling about the mimicker? Yes, generally research points in that direction however research does offer caution to those who plan to mirror and mimic their way to success in every situation.
You Did What With Your Hands?

You Did What With Your Hands?

Hand gestures and hand placement are important elements to be aware of if you are intent on being a great communicator. This article gives some examples of gestures and hand placement that often can reflect an emotional state a person is feeling, as well as those used to compliment or contradict the verbal message being delivered.

Presidents Obama & Putin: Body Language Recap

How important is eye contact? Sometimes, like the interaction between Presidents Obama and Putin, its importance is clear when it is not present. Learn about the specific actions each displayed that contributed to an unfriendly atmosphere.

Using and Understanding Nonverbal Communication

Researcher and nonverbal communication expert David Matsumoto shares his insight on how his new book can help you become more aware of nonverbal communication and use it effectively.

Seeing Is Believing & Learning

The world of nonverbal communication includes different tools that can help teach and retain information while also being fun. Read about what sketchnoting and infographics are and how they can help you.

Have A Conflict? Use FAVES

The FAVES acronym has helped me be a better communicator, specifically a better listener, in my various roles in life. This includes while serving as a law enforcement detective, mediator, conflict coach, communication consultant, and nonverbal communication researcher. Give it a try—it can help you too.

The Wheel of Conflict

The Wheel of Conflict includes elements that can contribute to conflicts and disputes arising, persisting and escalating. At the same time, awareness of these elements and preparing for each allows you to change an interaction from a negative encounter to a positive one.

The Charisma Myth Book Review

Olivia Fox Cabane's The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism is of value to all professionals and practitioners who rely on effective communication in order to be successful in their work, regardless of what it might be.
Thin Slices & First Impressions

Thin Slices & First Impressions

Thin slices (hint: nothing to do with pizza) are important to our interactions with other people. Knowing what it is and what it means along with first impressions can help you be more aware of the impact nonverbal communication.

Charisma Professionalism & Rapport Interview on ABC Radio

CPR (Charisma, Professionalism, and Rapport) is not just for physicians and nurses. Listen to this discussion Jeff Thompson has with ABC Gold Coast Radio morning host Nicole Dyer on how each are primarily displayed nonverbally and easy ways you can practice each.

CPR: Charisma, Professionalism & Rapport

CPR represents Charisma, Professionalism, and Rapport. Being aware of CPR and trying to utilize it will help in many situations, both professionally and in your social life. Our actions and words have ability to guide the direction of an interaction.

Embodied Cognition: What It Is & Why It's Important

Embodied cognition is the latest sexy topic in cognitive science. There is, however, a great deal of confusion about exactly what it means and how to study it. This article explains what it is and why it is important for you to understand.
Are Man and Woman Equals in Nonverbal Communication?

Are Man and Woman Equals in Nonverbal Communication?

A considerable amount of research has been conducted in nonverbal communication with some dedicated to the differences between men and women. Read about women being smarter, all about beards, and if being 'hot' is really good for your career.
Experience Is Not Expertise in Nonverbal Communication

Experience Is Not Expertise in Nonverbal Communication

If you want to be better at using nonverbal communication, including your body language, it will take practice. I am not suggesting you need to become an expert and dedicate 10,000 hours, but rather dedicating some time to practice will make a difference.
Metaphors: Getting Past Boredom!

Metaphors: Getting Past Boredom!

A metaphor is used about every 10-25 words. With that knowledge, it is important to know how metaphors shape our thoughts, emotions, and our body language. Noticing metaphors also happens to be a fun way to pass time.
Effective Listening & Aphorisms

Effective Listening & Aphorisms

Awareness of your body language while listening can contribute to a positive (or negative!) interaction with someone. Aphorisms can be friendly reminders and raise that awareness for you. This article provides some basic tips as well as photographs of well-known people to help you become a more effective listener.

Space Invaders At The Republican Debate

The highlight of tonight’s debate was by far the heated exchanges between Perry and Romney. The animosity between the two candidates was not only apparent in their verbal exchanges but equally in their facial expressions and overall body language including invading the other's space and touch.

Gov. Christie: Duper's Delight or Just Playful?

Is Governor Christie being forthcoming about there being no promise by Romney offering him to be his Vice President candidate in return for Christie endorsing him for President? See what Christie's body language says compared to his words and find out if they are matching or incongruent while reflecting on if you do similar micro expressions.