How You Can Help Cancer Patients

As a researcher, I devote some of my time enrolling in as a participant in research studies.

Coping with the Long-Term and Late Effects of Cancer

There is a need to address quality of life issues, specifically in the area of reproductive health, for young cancer patients.

The Financial Burden of Cancer

About 29 percent of cancer patients in the U.S. report some kind of financial burden.

Cancer Clinical Trials

In deciding whether a research study or a clinical trial is right for them, potential participants should be armed with some knowledge.

Cancer and Stigma

Today, cancer is less stigmatized and more openly discussed, but stigma can still affect the well-being of cancer patients.

I Have Cancer; Do I Need to See a Therapist, Too?

When cancer's emotional and physical pain makes one feel defective or alone, a place to find support, compassion, and build coping skills has the potential to go a long way.

Yoga and Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

With the physical, emotional, cognitive, and existential difficulties that cancer patients face, yoga seems like a fitting remedy.

Cancer, Keeping Active, and the Mind

Cancer treatment can make one reluctant to get moving.

Try to Make Sense of Healthy, Ethical Food Choices

As a health psychologist, I strive to learn all that I can about a lifestyle that promotes well being, including healthy eating.

Does it Pay to Incentivize Cancer Prevention?

Financial incentives for health behavior change capitalize on the insight that human behavior is influenced by its consequences.

Cancer and Relationships

Cancer and its treatment have many effects on patients that are relevant to their social and intimate relationships.

Expectations and Cancer: Does How We Think Matter?

Expectations have the potential to influence the experience of cancer, for worse and for better.

Gratitude, Resolutions, and Cancer?

This is the season when many of us pause to give thanks and perhaps look toward the future for renewal. How can these themes be connected to the cancer experience?

Serving the Whole Low-Income Woman With Cancer

Being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer can involve many stresses and challenges.

Does How We Talk About Cancer Matter?

Metaphors of battle and sport are prominent in our discourse regarding cancer.

Coping: What We Can Learn From Cancer Patients

A colleague once shared with me a practice that facilitates approaching the trials we encounter with patience, humility, and an open mind: