Your Teen’s Brain On Weed: Is It Safe?

Ever since Colorado legalized recreational cannabis use ten months ago, parents have been asking me if it is really safe for their teen. They remember weekends of smoking during college and think that it is harmless. On the other hand, teenagers to young adults have assumed that such use is normal and perfectly o.k. However, recent research suggests otherwise.

Baby's First Year Matters

Are you doing everything possible to help your baby?

Drinking and Pregnancy: Placing Your Child in Danger

Numerous parents, regardless of their intelligence and socioeconomic levels, are not mindful that drinking during pregnancy may result in significant problems in their child’s language, social skills, and ability to focus.

Power, Bullies, and Victims

Warning signs of children in trouble.

Helping Your Child Read to Succeed

Helping your child succeed when they exhibit reading difficulties requires a parent to ask the right questions when seeking help.

Reading and Vision

Reading and vision. Are they related?

Sleep Matters

Sleep, attention, learning, and emotion. Have you ever wondered if there was a connection here?

The Role of Educational Remediation

Summer is the time to have fun! However, students can also benefit from intensive help if they exhibit problems with reading, writing, math, and planning and organizational skills.

The Role of Educational Advocacy

Educating and empowering parents.


“I will never forget when we were hit. All I remember is seeing the car driving through the red light at the intersection. I knew we were going to be hit."

The Role of a Pediatrician

Many parents have wondered whether they should talk to their pediatrician if their child is struggling in school. Other parents are very curious whether they ought to discuss their child's difficulties with social skills with their pediatrician as well.

The Role of Speech and Language Assessment

"My daughter has that blank look on her face. I'm wondering if Mallory is really paying attention or truly can't understand what I'm requesting?" "Jake just seems to ramble at times. At other times, he has trouble saying what he thinks. Jake also uses words like, ‘stuff,' and ‘that thing' a lot. He is so smart but you can't tell when he talks."

The Role of Neuropsychological Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of your child's strengths and weaknesses will help you understand what your child really needs in order to succeed in school.

Charting Your Course

"The signs were there. I knew that something was ‘not quite right.'

November: Trust Your Gut

"Well, the fact really is that I do not know what I'm really in search of. I know that my son, Jack, may have problems but then I don't know. It just seems that he is fine in most situations and in others something is terribly wrong. I'm always questioning my judgment. I know that something is amiss when I look at his entire life."

The September Rush: When Is A “Flag" A True Warning Sign?

"Mom...I do not want to take Chinese. Do I have to? It's too hard." " stomach is hurting and I don't know why." "He has quite the sense of humor that boy! He just keeps on laughing and giggling. That's my grandson." "My daughter is not eating much these days. I don't know what's wrong."