What You Said Made Me Feel Bad

A guest post from one of the authors of the recent parenting book The Danish Way, which is full of fascinating parenting from the country that’s been ranked happiest in the world.

Revolution Mom Style Now

A call to arms for moms!

The Realist

Indecision and global warming delay childbearing for one couple.

I Don't Believe in 'I Believe'

Contests for fertility treatments are shaming.

Reader Roundup 2015

From Law of Attraction to the scientific method, from coping with infertility to finding jeans that actually fit while pregnant with twins, these books will inform, inspire, and entertain you!

Mom Dating 101

The introvert/socially anxious/exhausted/shy mom's guide to making new friends.

Change of Seasons, Change of Heart

If you are feeling stuck in the fertility trenches, a new thought approach may be in order.

Want to Be a Happier New Mom? Try “Hygge”

Guest blogger Jessica Joelle Alexander explains how the Danish concept of Hygge helps women transition to motherhood.

Parents Beware

An obsession with ensuring our kids are happy could, paradoxically, create very lonely and depressed adults.

Unsolicited Advice

Sharon shares a baker's dozen of things she has learned in her first trimester of parenting.

The Mother's Day Post

A simple guide for enjoying this holiday regardless of whether you have children or not.

The Baby Share

Babies are born into families and communities. Although it can be anxiety inducing, allowing others to hold your baby benefits you, your baby, and the baby's fan club.

Birth Your Way

Women over 35 are more susceptible to birth interventions. However, training for labor, finding providers who meet your needs, and good fortune can lead to a happy birth experience.

Do Not Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

The age old advice on surviving the early newborn days may not be that prudent.

Childless by Circumstances

Women without children are marginalized and stigmatized by western society. The irony is that they are often the pillars of our community, mothering in so many ways.

Prenatal Screening and the AMA Mom

Comprehensive prenatal testing is offered to women of all ages. It is important to understand what information it actually offers and how that will guide your pregnancy. This is particularly important for the over 35 mom who may feel more pressure to do it.

Child Free Holidays

Learning to reframe your thoughts, cultivate gratitude, and establish boundaries will help you navigate the holidays in a productive, happy, and healthy manner.

TTC During the Holidays

Holidays are a stressful time for many. Throwing fertility issues into the mix adds an extra component. We offer some advice on maintaining good mental health this season.

Our First Birthday

One year into blogging, Sharon reflects on what we have learned and our progress offering factual and helpful information to women over 35 who are trying to conceive. We also have a special announcement!

The Career Minded Mom’s Dilemma

Sharon further explores the tough decision many women face regarding career and children and offers advice on how to remain content if you choose to stay at home.

The True “Cost” of Delayed Childbearing

Sharon explores the financial, emotional, and relational consequences of having your children over age 35 and staying in the work force or staying at home.

Pre-empting Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression affects at least 10-15% of new mothers, and it may be more common among certain demographics. Plus, it is often underdiagnosed. Knowing that, how can you prevent it? Based on our review, the best advice is to: (1) find a good therapist and (2) exercise.

Going It Alone

Many women over 35 find themselves single and childless not by choice. Sharon offers some points to consider when facing the daunting decision of forgoing parenthood or becoming a single parent.

Sperm Donation: A Different Animal Than You Might Think

Emma used to have the inaccurate idea that sperm donors were largely anonymous and made a one-time contribution to their offspring’s lives. Also: what does the research say about the likelihood of getting pregnant with donor sperm?

The 3 Month Wait (or Not)

Sharon explores many factors beyond miscarriage risk in timing your pregnancy announcement.

The Marriage Hurdle

When we talk about having children later in life, break-ups are often part of the explanation.

Aging Sperm

Men, like women, experience a decline in fertility as they age. Most men are able to father children throughout their lifespan, however. We explore the data and give you some tips on talking to your husband about this.

A Season for Every Birth

Does it seem like siblings are born in the same month more often than you would expect? Apparently they are, for reasons that are poorly understood.

Dare to Parent Greatly

Emma and Sharon share their reflections on Brene Brown’s work and explain how it relates to parenting. Both conclude self compassion and awareness are far superior to any parenting expert.

Good News About Miscarriage

About 1-5% of women will experience more than one miscarriage for unknown cause. Although this is often a painful experience, two recent studies affirm that most of these women will go on to conceive healthy babies.