Welcome! We are creating this blog as a forum for women in their mid-thirties and older who are interested in becoming a mother. Whether you are single or married, gay or straight, trying to conceive now, have a young child, or would like to have a baby but know that it may not be for a few years, this blog will educate and inspire you.  This blog evolved from a book that we are writing about this subject.  Our goal is to clarify statistics, share women’s experiences, to offer practical coping advice to manage stress, and to discuss “Pregtiquette.” Pregtiquette is a term we coined to help navigate some of the sticky situations that can arise when you are trying to get pregnant.

More and more women are finding themselves in this situation. If you’re American and age 35-45, when you were born, only about 1 in 100 mothers had their first child at age 35 or older. Now about 1 in 12 first-time mothers are 35 or older. There are also interesting regional and racial variations in these trends, and we will explore that in later posts.

Even though it’s becoming more common, waiting to conceive until after age 35 is often presented as a risky decision—risky for the health of the mother and the baby and risky in its likelihood of success. The risks may often be overstated, as described in a recent Atlantic Monthly article.

Meanwhile, women are faced with a potentially overwhelming amount of health advice about how to increase or prolong their fertility. So, let’s talk about how challenging it is to make sense of all that. We are interviewing lots of women about their experiences and will share some of their experiences here.

We are not only your guides, but fellow travelers on this journey.  Emma is the mother of two girls born when she was 35 and 37. Sharon has been trying to conceive for three years, since she was 34.  We first discussed the idea of writing a book about this while having dinner to celebrate Emma’s 40th birthday. Afterwards, we felt that we were meant to write this book, because of personal experiences, professional background and deep desire to help other women.

The book is in progress, and we want to reach as many women as possible through this blog.  Please share your stories with us and let us know what you would like to hear.  We are here for you.   We will be posting weekly so please stay tuned and subscribe!

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