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Too, Too Scary

Do we deliberately distract ourselves with seemingly more manageable problems when larger issues are just too scary to face?

Playing Politics with Mental Illness

Unsubstantiated allegations of mental illness directed toward public figures reinforce the pervasive stigma associated with mental disorders. Who is really being harmed?

A Lost Opportunity for Mental Health Reform?

We don't let persons with Alzheimer’s leave the nursing home and wander the streets. Then, why do we allow persons with mental illness to refuse treatment and live under a bridge?

A Tale of Two Killers

The shootings in Charleston and Fort Lauderdale have very little in common, except that innocent people died. One of these tragedies could have been prevented.

Leaning Into the Wind

What's wrong with peer support programs that employ persons in recovery from SMI? Nothing, except that they do not combat the negative stereotypes of mental illness.

Homeless, Mentally Ill, and Neglected

When the symptoms of mental illness are acute, they affect an individual’s decision-making capacity. Our failure to provide treatment to those in need is discrimination..

Mental Illness, Politics, and Guns

In the wake of tragedy, politics turns to gun control. Meanwhile, a fractured mental health system allows persons with acute symptoms to go untreated, until someone gets hurt.

Who Pays for Mental Illness?

Estimated costs of schizophrenia in the U.S. were $155 billion in 2013. Only 1/4 of costs were for health care for the mentally ill. What accounts for the remaining $117 billion?

Work: The #1 Recovery Goal

New atypical antipsychotic drugs make it possible for many people with serious mental illness to work. Old stereotypes keep them on the fringes of the labor force.
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Telling the Story of Serious Mental Illness

Seventeen years ago I stood in the emergency room of a university hospital where my son had just been diagnosed with schizophrenia. It took me years before I could tell the story.