Original screen capture by Travis Langley.
Source: Original screen capture by Travis Langley.

The Hero Round Table, a cross-disciplinary conference on heroism in today’s world, features talks and discussions from experts in the worlds of psychology, education, philosophy, sports, media of many kinds, and more. People interested in heroism around the world gather together to network, plan future collaborations, and hear from the world’s leading experts on the subject. This year, those experts include me. Last year, Dr. Phil Zimbardo told conference founder Matt Langdon about heroes in waiting and heroes in training. What distinguishes the reactive hero from the reflective hero? How do bystanders stop standing by? Zimbardo calls on people to stand up, speak out, and take action—to become positive deviants by stepping apart from the crowd to do the right thing. Watch the video to learn from "the real Dr. Phil" and learn what wearing orange pants has to do with heroism.

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