Why is it Easier to Organize Evil than Good?

Pouring new wine in old bottles

Microaggressions and Trigger-Warnings

Folie à Plusieurs in the 21st Century!

Political Correctness Gone Mad

The thinking we do when we don't think about the thinking we do: microaggressions and trigger-warnings:

Are You a Feeler, Doer, or Thinker?

What no other words can tell me so clearly

Shortcut to Understanding Others

Speed Dating With Speed Testing

Why is Medicine Complicated?

Body Wisdom and Body Foolishness

Living Well Can Be the Best Revenge

Car Guy Heals Himself

Nausea Unto Death?


Discovering Peace of Mind

I became the person I always wanted to be

Part II: “Fix Society. Please!”

Canaries in the Mine of Civilization

Part I: “Fix Society. Please!”

Where Biology Meets Psychology

Tomorrow's Healing Today

Healing Around the World

Bali: Shangri-La Found and Lost

In Search of Shangri La

Ebola and Medicine

Public Health: Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches

Pillars of Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

Finding the Soul of Medicine

Building an International Medical Society

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Are Patients Statistics or Persons?

Are You an Average Person?


Weltanschauung & Folie à Plusieurs

Discover Your Self Through Photography

Mirror, Mirror, on The Wall, Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Why Is It Easier to Organize Evil Than Good?

Neglected Values in the World of Facts?

Finding Happiness

The return of Scared Rabbit, Angry Bear, and Clever Fox.

Psychological Testing Without Psychological Tests

Value Science and Moral Mathematics

Value Science in a Nutshell Continued

Discovering moral science beyond good and evil

Value Science in a Nutshell

Truth is Beauty, if Poet Keats is Right. But, is Truth Goodness?

The New Coed: Pride of Appearance Lost?

Is the loss of pride-of-appearance something that should concern us?

Love and Politics

Love, Personality, Politics

Values: Humble Origin and Great Consequences

Are You a Feeler, Doer or Thinker?