My Mother Never Liked Me

Should I give up on my unloving mother altogether?

Crafting Marriage Vows to Fit the Times

The traditional marriage vows cover the main intention of marriage. From a psychological perspective, these vows suffer from being generic.

Being Too Perfectionist Can Ruin a Marriage

There's an endlessly ongoing discussion in psychology about whether genetics determines one's basic personality or whether one's environment shapes it.

I Resent My Dad's New Family

It's no longer all that unusual for a parent to remarry in later years (frequently to someone a bit younger) and have at least one child. Likewise it's not unusual for children of the previous family to resent the new family.

Allow Father's Secrets to Die with Him

Here's the basic question most of us don't take the time to ask when we're faced with a decision: "What do I want to accomplish?" We need to break that down, too, and ask ourselves: What is my ultimate goal? What are the possible consequences of this action?