Forgiveness Is the Answer to (Almost) All of Our Ills

Harboring resentment not only slows healing, but can cause illness. Even justified anger is toxic.

No Shame: Why Michael Phelps Deserved to Carry the U.S. Flag

Two years ago, the most decorated Olympian of all time was so mired in depression that he thought about killing himself. His comeback on dry land inspires me the most.

Prince Would Do Prison Time Under Fentanyl Bill

Senate proposal harkens back to the 1980s, when low-level offenders were locked up for decades.

Underwater Twice, Positive Psychologist Feels Like a Fraud

I'm a victim of Houston’s second flood in six months, and my psyche is struggling.

‘Superdad’ in Recovery Says Men Can’t Have It All Either

Will “Superdads” Turn to the Bottle to Do It All?

Why Being Stressed During the Holidays Is a Good Thing

There is no denying that an annual visitor this time of year is holiday cheer’s perceived evil twin: Stress. But should stress really be an unwanted guest?

Doing These Two Things Will Boost Your Well-Being

Out of 24 character strengths possessed in varying degrees by each of us, two of them hold up on their own as predictors of well-being. Here are a couple sure-fire ways to take control of your own well-being.

The Creativity Crisis and What You Can Do About It

The creativity crisis has clear ramifications as our world grows more complex. An IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the most crucial factor for future success. In fact, creativity is now seen as more important than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision. Part of maintaining a healthy, creative climate is avoiding addictive behaviors.

Powerful Way to Raise Kids Focuses on the Strong

Strength-based parenting is a powerful way to raise children. It involves identifying and fostering their positive personality traits, which provides them with the inner resources to deal with the stress of everyday life. The field of positive psychology calls these “signature strengths.”

Journaling Clears Out the Bad, Builds Up the Good

Multiple studies show that disclosing emotions through journaling is therapeutic, which is why I encourage my patients to write for their own benefit and consumption.

Let's Honor Leonard Nimoy and End Smoking in Rehab

Leonard Nimoy, an icon to millions of Trekkies as Mr. Spock, the half-Vulcan, half-human first officer of the Enterprise, fell victim to the most human of all diseases: addiction.

3 Ways to Get Past Any Failure

Ever have the psychological wind knocked out of you? Here are three simple ways to nurture your strength of spirit.

Bad Sports: 'Deflategate' and the Psychology of Cheating

A study suggests that most cheaters, if found guilty, wouldn't experience much remorse. Researchers found that the "high" may be mitigated by the magnitude of the perceived consequences. However, over time and perhaps through self-reflection, cheaters may become more likely to regret their actions.

Will You Spank Your Kid After Reading This?

Most of us have heard the maxim "spare the rod, spoil the child," and unless we have been in a news-free vacuum, most of us know by now, through the charges read in a Texas courtroom and even by his own admission, that football star Adrian Peterson took those words to heart.

Joan Rivers Proves Laughing at Yourself Is Good for You

Maybe Joan Rivers was your cup of tea. She wasn’t always mine. But her comments on joking about the Holocaust resonated with me. After years of battling alcoholism, I know recovery would not have been possible without a sense of humor. A joke was the quickest way to turn on the light, even if briefly, when your world was engulfed in darkness.

4 Keys to Lasting Addiction Recovery

“Positive recovery” aims to fill the gaps in how addiction is treated through a balanced approach that attends not only to the disease, but also to the elements that make life most worth living.

The Applied Wisdom of Dumbledore: Everyone Can Be a Magician

Would you be surprised to learn that you, like most people, are more resilient than you may have realized? What is resilience? Simply stated, resilience explains the act of restoring peace of mind when bad stuff happens. Following trauma, all of us have the ability to bounce back. Research teaches us that anyone can learn resilience, but it takes time, practice and grit.

Scratching the Itch of Why, Why, Why?

What’s the meaning of life? The distinction between “meaning of life” and “meaning in life” is no small matter. So meaning in life is what you make it to be and meaning is an idea. Purpose, on the other hand, is active.

Stare Down Those Inner Demons and Rebuild Your Life

A strong dose of positive psychology can help give addicts the foundation they need to recover. By taking on self-doubt every day, fighting back thoughts of hopelessness and setting his sights firmly on the positive, the recovering addict learns to focus on what is positive within him or her.

What’s Right With This Picture?

Whether it’s in recovery from addiction or depression, or an athlete facing seemingly insurmountable odds on the football field, focusing on the best of what you have will take you further than trying to shore up your weaknesses.

New Research on Migraines Proves Power of Positive Thinking

Expectations are powerful beliefs that have been proven to have the same effect as medication, so choose your thoughts wisely! Whether a patient is suffering from a migraine or fighting drug addiction, one’s thoughts will determine how quickly and fully he or she recovers.

An Introduction: How to Flourish in Addiction Recovery

Addicts are an especially vulnerable population that needs specific interventions aimed at increasing their meaning and purpose. In the posts that follow, I’ll walk you through these new validated tools, which are not related to removing misery but instead skills and exercises that build positivity, character, meaning, and relationships.