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When Estrangement Gets Grown Kids the Distance They Need

Understanding estrangement between parents and grown kids from the first angry communication to the last slammed door.

10 Reasons Why Your Grown Kids Hate You

Wonder why you and your grown kids can't get along? Here are 10 reasons, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.
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Super Agers May Be Smarter than Their Peers

Young friends keep you young, smart, and in the know.

Guess Who's Not Coming Home for the Holidays

Dreading the holidays with your family? It may be wiser to avoid them, especially if you can suggest a less "loaded" alternative.

What Parents, Grown Kids Mean By "Independent" Is Different

Can your kids be adults even if they're not wholly independent? And is that still a valid endpoint to maturity? Interdependence may be an idea whose time—and place—has come.

Changing Roles, Changing Boundaries

Do you feel excluded from your kids' married lives? Why that's a good thing and why it's about them, not you.

Should You Friend Your Grown Kids on Facebook?

Facebook has upended the culture, disrupted the boundary between public and private, and changed how generations communicate with and relate to each other.

Why Grown Kids "Ghost" a Parent's Wedding

Senior romance can destabilize family relationships, especially when late-life re-partnering triggers loyalty conflicts and passive-aggressive behavior by grown kids.

Will Our Grown Kids Ever Get Along?

Will they ever outgrow sibling rivalry? Before it's over your dead body, there's still something you can do to help them help you when you need it.