Is Our Political Outrage Addictive?

A quick fix of political bile is the perfect drug for our multitasking times, gratifying in a way that an in-depth exploration of the issues isn't.

Is the Future of Religion Belonging or Believing (or Neither One)?

A number of readers took issue with my post last month, in which I argued that reports of the coming death of religion have been greatly exaggerated and that our discourse about matters of faith vs. reason ought to reflect that. So here's a bit more data that I think support it, or at least support my first point.

Why We Need to Get Beyond Arguing About Whether Atheism Will Replace Religion

I am certain that taking issue with a fellow Psychology Today author in my very first post for this Web site is a gross violation of PT blogger etiquette. So I'm going to go ahead and apologize to my editors in advance and cross my fingers that they don't hit the kill switch on this blog before anyone has a chance to visit.