Incapacity and guardianship: are our elders truly being protected?

The Justice System and Mental Health

Long term treatment options for mental health patients should include involuntary hospitalization.

Criminal Justice and the Mentally Ill

How the death of an inmate sparked reforms against abuse.

Criminal Justice and the Mentally Ill

Criminal Justice and the Mentally Ill, the difficulties of the probation system for mentally ill prisoners.

The Insanity Defense and the Hinckley Trial

Will Hinckley be charged with homicide?

Psychology and Criminology

How the criminal justice system deals with mentally ill defendants.

The Sandusky Report

Can anyone be taught how to spot a pedophile? What are the signs to look for? Penn State struggles with the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The Sandusky Report

How can a pedophile be detected?

Surviving Divorce Court

Mediation, a better option than divorce court....