Pussy Riot and the Collective Psyche

How can we explain the fact that a little known punk band, Pussy Riot, has precipitously emerged as an international symbol for human rights? Art is a perennial vehicle for social protest, but rarely is the instantaneity and magnitude of its response so profound. The confluence of multiple schemas, deeply seated in the human mind, is the root cause of this phenomenon.

What Makes Tigers Jump?

Whether Tiger Woods did or did not cheat on his wife is irrelevant. In the wake of l'affaire hydrant and his subsequent admission, "... I regret those transgressions with all of my heart..." our natural focus turns to understanding the nature of extra-marital affairs, promiscuity, sexual addiction, and infidelity.

The Joy of Fear - Why Halloween?

 The Joy of Fear - Why do we like to be scared?

Better than Dope: Natural Highs the Cutting Edge of Mood Alteration

 The aim of this blog is to examine the positive and negative sides of pleasure. Cognitive restructuring, mindfulness and positive psychology are discussed as means to the achievement of happiness and fulfillment.