Finding Meaning in Loss

For bereaved parents navigating grief "choices" can feel impossible. Finding meaning in grief helps.

Men Grieve Baby Loss Differently But No Less Accutely

Perinatal loss strains and sometimes ends relationships. This does not have to be the way of it. We can do better to support men in grief - and families overall.

Oprah Winfrey's Courageous Baby Naming

Recently Oprah Winfrey announced that she had named her baby who died decades ago. This is a hugely courageous act and gift to all parents.

A Deficit of Etiquette: When a Pregnancy Ends

Learning to acknowledge pregnancy loss helps women who suffer pregnancy loss heal. Creating avenues for open discussion is right and good.

5 Ways You Can Help Women Pregnant After Loss

Want to help a woman pregnant again after a loss? Consider these five points and build them into your relationship with a woman pregnant again following loss. It is a tough journey. You can make it easier.

5 Ways to Help Bereaved dads on Father's Day

Bereaved dads are often forgotten and their grief may be overlooked. On Father's Day, do remember to support loss dads we know and love. Here are some ways to help.

On Mother's Day: Remembering Mothers Without Living Children

Mother's Day is about honoring the experience of all mothers - this includes mothers without living children. Here are five things you can do to honor the experience of bereaved mothers everywhere.

Using the Placenta to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

The NIH will study the development of the human placenta in real time - thereby improving long term health for women and their children.

Maternal Depression as a Consequence of Stillbirth

The link between stillbirth and a heightened risk for maternal depression has been established. This is important for the actionable information it yields, and can be incorporated into standard medical practice.

Things to Know When Your Friend Loses A Baby

When a peer group is also a mom set, seeking solace is a complicated balancing act. We are not a society at ease with open discussions of perinatal loss.

Five Ways to Help the Baby Bereaved With the Holidays

Knowing how to best approach a family coping with baby loss in the holiday season is difficult. However, acknowledging their painful loss may be the single most helpful thing one can do to ease their pain.

Holding Stillborn Babies

Research shows that mothers who hold their stillborn babies derive long-term benefit as they grieve. Knowing this, medical professionals should provide a supportive environment for this bonding to occur.

Yoga For PTSD following Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Studies show that yoga and meditation are critical elements in easing symptoms of PTSD. This has important implications for yoga practice following pregnancy and infant loss.

Talking to Children About Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Parenting after baby loss is very hard. Talking to children about baby loss helps you and them heal and integrate as a family. Here are a few thoughts to support you as you parent alongside loss.

Bereavement Retreats: Healing and Perinatal Loss

Bereavement retreats specifically designed for those who suffer pregnancy and infant loss offer an often neglected population the chance to reflect and heal.

Grief Groups and Perinatal Loss

Looking for effective support following baby loss is a difficult task, and finding a perinatal loss support group can help the bereaved navigate the isolation that all too often accompanies this particular kind of loss.

Following Loss

It is critical to recognize and talk about the long-term impact of baby and child loss on a marriage, and on the mental health of parents.

Father's Day and Baby Loss

With Father’s Day upon us, it is time to speak to the unacknowledged grief of men who suffer baby loss.

The Emotional Impact of Loss

Rates of depression and anxiety are elevated in post-loss pregnancy and beyond.

Talking About Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Advice regarding pregnancy and infant loss. Coping with post traumatic stress and documenting perinatal loss.