The Myth of 'Complicated' Grief

Complicated Grief? Stop pathologizing my pain.

How Good Wives Survive Bad Marriages

Midlife Marital Meltdown: Your marriage–and your life–feel over. Let the grief relief begin.

Whose Pain Wins? Did Robin Williams Have a Choice? Says Who?

Do some women have an internal Suicide Exclusionary Clause because of their kids?

When Bad Marriages Happen to Good Women

When Bad Marriages Happen to Good Women Or When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages -- What to do when it all comes undone

Grief Shaming: Who Made You the Grief Police?

Stop the Grief Shaming! Mourn at your own pace.

'Not Cancer' Offers 'Near-Life Experience' - So, Now What?

'Not Cancer.' Now what? How can we extend the grateful post-good-news buzz? The waiting is over. You escaped the bad news this time. 'Not Cancer.' Or 'Not Whatever the Dreaded Thing You Feared You Had.' Now what? Groceries or Gratitude?

Minding My Mind: Noticing Distraction Makes You Productive

Suddenly thirsty. Get water. Resist urge to Google “extreme thirst is a symptom of…” Return call to Mom saying: 'I can’t talk now I’m WRITING ON DEADLINE!' Wonder why Mom doesn’t support my writing career. Remember Mom totally supports my writing career. Remember I’m 48. Why do I care what my Mom thinks about my career, which she supports. Lunchtime already?

I Failed the Happiness Test

Depressed by the 'Happiness' fetish?

I Want to Feel: What's on YOUR Midlife Birthday Wish List?

Dump the Bucket List! This midlife birthday is not about what I want TO DO. It's about what I want TO FEEL. Let's get this party started with an All-I-Can-Wish-Birthday-Buffet-List for the next half of this wild ride - where the company, language, feelings, and fish will be raw.

Why Post-Divorce, Second Chances at Love are the Best

Second chances: Forget doomed second marriage stats. Post-divorce midlife love is the best!

Feeling Suicidal? Facebook Wants to Talk Kids Down

Is Facebook watching out for our kids or just watching them?

Student: I'm Getting Married! Got Any Advice? Me: Yup

When a newly engaged millennial asks for advice on "everything you know" about marriage, where do you begin?

Mother, Daughter & Me: A Moment in Our 3-Generation Circus

Can a mother/daughter ever be truly lonely living among the past and future versions of herself?

What if it's...the Waiting is the Hardest Part

Impatient in Waiting: Can waiting for (fill-in-blank-with-terrifying-health-scare) results be an opportunity?

Study Confirms What Wives Know: Dogs More Comfort Than Men

Study Exposes Marital Secret: The emotional inadequacy of husbands and the healing love of a good dog.

Coming Out of Grief's Closet: Can You Heal Unconsciously?

Awaking from a Grief Coma: What does healing from 'complicated grief' actually look like? Can you heal unconsciously?

Organ Donation Agony: Who Deserves My Brother's Heart?

What it's like on the wrong end of a heart transplant.

When the Worst Possible Thing Happens: Grief Cures Anxiety

For an anxiety addict, what happens when the very worst happens? What's an anxious mind to do? How did this one get past my supersonic, hypervigilant anxiety radar? I thought I had played out every possible loss, every scenario, all of the potential wolves and Nazis at the door. Never saw this one coming.

Running From Grief: Can Moving Forward Heal?

Running With Grief: Can moving your body alter your mind and heal your heart?

Girl World: Notes From the Trenches of Adolescent Warfare

Daughters say the darndest things! When she yelled "I love you!" from behind the Iron Curtain of her closed door, I was giddy and yelled back: "I love you, too, sweetie!" She replied: "NO, MA!!! I SAID I LOVE YOU TUBE!"

Divorce Diaries: 2014 Co-Parenting New Year's Resolutions

Divorced or Divorcing? Want to avoid tearing your kids asunder along with your marriage?

Resolutions Past and Future: Dear Younger Self.......

Dear Younger Me: Given what we know now, if we were to give a ‘Look out below!’ shout back to our younger selves, what would we tell them and which pieces of our own advice will we take into the decades ahead? ("Whatever the question, the answer is always the jitterbug. And law school.")

Keeping My Mother Safe

Home for the holidays? Time to have 'The Talk' with your Mom.

Top 10 Divorce Resolutions

It's the Jewish New Year. Let's resolve to have the best possible divorce!

School Daze: Remember Their FIRST First Day of School?

There will be a moment during this mad-dash morning of annoyance and independence, where she will she will look at me and crack the smallest 'oh, Mom,'- smile, or she'll ask me a question we both know she already knows the answer to...'does this go with that shirt?' ... reminding us both, ever so quietly, that she's still in there.

Beauty Myth? Daughter's Beauty Is a Mother's Guilty Pleasure

The Beauty Myth? How to talk to your daughter when she is drop-dead gorgeous and the world won't shut up about it.

Divorce Diaries: Should We Let Kids Decide Custody?

If we truly want to do what's in the best interest of our children, one expert argues: "All parenting plans should be subjected to mandatory binding review every two years." In effect, our custody decisions and agreements should grow with our children.

Splitting Up? How To Avoid Having Our Parents' Divorce

Divorce can be like your whole family and future blew open and apart and vanished - like a sinkhole - that suddenly swallows you up.

City Rejects 'Breastauraunt: No sexy schoolgirl micro-minis

'Sexy plaid kilts with matching plaid bras under white camp shirts tantalizingly tied to show off the midriff.' "What does wearing that have to do with serving lunch?" my daughter wondered. Nothing at all, said our hometown.