My midlife makeover/dating coach is a 6th grade girl

Midlife, post-divorce Mom needs an updated look. Middle schoolers to the rescue!

A team of middle school girls gives one midlife mom life lessons in Girl World self-esteem

While I'd hoped my team of middle school girl midlife makeover coaches would have quickly forgotten their project of offering me a full-life refreshening, alas, they remain dedicated to the cause.

Our first session began with high hopes, and ended in everyone feeling there was simply too much to be done so they'd better regroup and make a plan. As you may recall, a certain divorced, working/writing/teaching/mothering midlfe mom accepted an offer from a gentleman caller. Having not been on a, how do you say it… DATE in 17 years, our beleaguered midlife mom made the harrowing mistake of asking her daughter's 6th grade crew for a few pointers.

Talk about death by 1,000 cuts. What began as a mother's desperate attempt to find a way into her daughter's world, has now morphed into complete folly.

In our first installment, Seeking a Midlife Love Life? Best Dating Coach - Middle School Girls!,I thought, what a great idea, ask my daughter and her pals how to get ready for my first date in 17 years. What could be bad?

Now, it turns out, I need a makeover from the inside out. Here’s what I learned: Best Tip for Midlife Divorce and Dating Makeover? Attitude Adjustment

Stay tuned for Midlife Makeover: What Not to Wear (like, ever)

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